2 key tips to stay on top of your shed

Building with Shed Boss is a sure-fire way to get not just a strong, durable product, but also to get the best service possible from locals who know the materials and know what you need.

Our sheds are built to last against the Australian elements thanks to the specialist Morinda™ bracket system and COLORBOND™ cladding, but there are always little things you can do to keep your shed looking as fresh as the day we built it.

Keep note of everything

We know the day-to-day routine of farm work keeps you busy most days, and it can be easy to tell yourself you'll come back to a paint job or quick bit of maintenance later – only to forget about it altogether as something more pressing comes along. By carrying a notepad or making a note on your smartphone while you go about your work, you can create a list of tasks that need doing to be revisited later on. Finding that your concrete shed floor needs to be pressure cleaned, or gutters need to be cleared of muck? Take note of it, and you can come back to it later. A problem recorded and remembered is a problem half solved!

Use a professional

If you're storing heavy vehicles or machinery in your rural shed, make sure to give everything a regular checkup – especially if keeping vehicles on raised platforms for maintenance or parking. Our buildings are built to last a very long time but they should still be well maintained.

When you see the customised quality that Shed Boss brings to your farm, you'll be treating the product like it's your favourite car – they are just that good!

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