Why 2016 is a great time for rural sheds

A custom designed shed is a great investment for your piece of real estate, but it can be difficult to decide when the time is right to build one. Even with the easy Shed Boss Complete Project service, where we undertake the construction and approvals from start to finish, you may not be sure when […]

3 tips for saving water in your shed

Did you know that here in Australia, we're the biggest users of water per capita in the world? According to the federal government's Your Home website, we each consume on average 100,000 litres of fresh water every year. All of this, despite the fact that our average annual rainfall is below the global average, currently […]

What are the advantages of a gable roof?

When creating a customised shed design with Shed Boss Fleurieu, you have a wide array of building types at your disposal, including the option to have a gabled roof. This is a sloping style roof, generally with two sides that meet in a peak in the middle – a traditional shape that you will see […]

How do you clean the concrete floor of a shed?

When we build your custom-designed shed, it starts with a solid foundation – the concrete base. It's emblematic of our 'built strong, built right' ethos and can handle almost anything you throw at it. However, that doesn't make it immune to getting stained or dirty as time goes on! Sometimes, these blemishes can be a little more […]

Lighting your garage: Tips for making the most of your space

Making the most of any space means being able to utilise it at all times of the day and your custom designed garage is no different. A common problem with garages being built alongside residential homes or commercial buildings is that they're often just considered a storage space for vehicles, tools and other bits and […]

3 Oscar-nominated films that could have benefited from a shed

At the 2016 Academy Awards, the came come out to play and everyone placed their bets on who's going to take home the statues. While it isn't the most glamorous of awards, production design plays a huge role in creating the atmosphere of a film. And looking at the nominees for the 2016 awards, there are plenty of […]

Forget man caves: Enter Shed Boss ‘she sheds’

When discussing the classic back yard custom designed shed, garage or workshop, the term 'man cave' sure does come up a lot. However, this is rather excluding of the fairer sex, isn't it? Certainly, there is no shortage of contemporary women who are looking to get their hands a little dirty playing with some tools, […]