Take your custom designed shed into the 21st century

With all the myriad uses you can have for a custom designed shed, it's important to have a strong and open space that you can use as you need to. That's why Shed Boss is a fantastic choice for your next shed construction: We take on board your custom designs and create a personalised space […]

3 plants that’ll clear the air in your custom designed shed

If you're working in a custom designed shed, no matter what your task, it might get a bit stagnant if you leave the doors and windows closed. Even then, it can always pay to keep the air nice and fresh while you get on with your work. In fact, as far back as 1998 there […]

3 ways that primary schools could use sheds

The schools system in Australia just keeps on growing. As of 2015, the Australian Bureau of Statistics reported that the number of students enrolled for education went up by 56,872 on the year before. That brought the total number of kids in schools to a whopping 3.75 million. Of these, 65.2 per cent go to […]

How to turn your shed into a pop-up salon

In these modern times, pop-up businesses continue to prove that they are far more than a fad. Whether you're wandering through a side street in Sydney or a back alley in Brisbane, pop-up stores are thriving, selling a whole range of different goods or services. And just what are such stores made from? Steel, just like […]