3 assurances you get with Shed Boss

When you're building a custom-designed garage or other structure with Shed Boss Fleurieu, you want to make sure the process is fully covered in the event that anything goes wrong. This shouldn't be a worry, as we are a one-stop shop for your building needs, and can organise permits and safety for the construct. Just to clarify, here are three ways we keep you safe on the legal side of things.

Qualified professionals

Between our BlueScope products and ShedSafe™ accreditation from the Australian Steel Institute, you should be assured that a team of highly qualified professionals are taking care of the construction of your product. It means you'll get a high quality construction, and one that will have the appropriate development approval organised by the Shed Boss Fleurieu team. The materials and building all meet the Building Code of Australia as well, ensuring product safety further.

We take responsibility

Shed Boss Fleurieu apply for Council Development Approval in the name of the company, rather than in your name – this means you avoid the liabilities that come with being an owner-builder.

Home warranty insurance

Owner-builders or unlicensed tradesmen can't access Home Warranty insurance (also known as Builders Indemnity Insurance), which would protect you against poor work or non-completion. This is yet another reason to engage us when you want a quality shed made, as you'll be able to access this cover should anything go wrong.

We get the paperwork done for you and take on the responsibility for your shed – contact us for a free quote to get ahead on your shed today.

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