3 creative uses for a shed

If you have a wealth of space around your property and don't know what to do with it, you could consider a custom-designed shed or garage. With so many ways these can be constructed and the strong, durable materials used when you engage Shed Boss Fleurieu, you can turn a backyard area into a wondrous and creative use of space. Here are some more fantastic uses for a shed that you might not have considered.

Home gym

If you are thinking of making personal fitness your goal this year, then why not consider building a shed and turning it into a home gym? In the long term, this could be a cheaper option than a gym membership. and we all know how hard it can be to keep up appearances at the gym, as well as the issues many people have with working out in public.

By using Shed Boss Fleurieu to build to your specifications, you could find yourself with a fantastic home-gym setup in no time at all, from the privacy of your own property. Even better is the ability to use it when you want – no more adhering to someone else's schedule or opening hours, you could train and work out whichever hour of the day you see fit – excuse the pun!

Art studio

For those with more of a creative touch, a custom shed design can work wonderfully as an art studio. This is especially good for anyone whose creative pursuits are at the messier end of things, such as sculptors, painters, even those who make clay ceramics – no more mess in the home.

By giving yourself a quiet space to focus on your work with a Shed Boss construction, you may find the creative juices flowing even more than usual. It could even be a place for the kids to find out they are the next Le Corbusier!

'The cave'

Whether for woman or man, a Shed Boss building can function as a relaxation room very easily. If you find your house doesn't have enough space for you to kick back and relax, watch TV, read or conduct your other favourite activities, then consider this option.

Whether you want your shed to act as a workshop, barn or something a little more out of the box, Shed Boss Fleurieu can give some great solutions that stand the test of time. We use Bluescope COLORBOND™ steel and patented Morinda™ bracket joints to ensure shed strength, and can add skylights, mezzanines, indoor walls, ventilation and more so that it fits perfectly in with your lifestyle.

To get a taste of what our sheds are like and to design your own with the touch of a button, you can use our brand new ShedMaker app. It can be accessed either through your web browser, or on your smart phone at the Apple™ and Google Play™ stores and offers a range of customisation options for your design.

You can then share your creative shed ideas with the world through social media or email, then come to us to discuss how to turn your great ideas into a reality.

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