3 plants that’ll clear the air in your custom designed shed

If you're working in a custom designed shed, no matter what your task, it might get a bit stagnant if you leave the doors and windows closed. Even then, it can always pay to keep the air nice and fresh while you get on with your work.

In fact, as far back as 1998 there were CSIRO reports indicating that the financial cost of poor indoor air quality could be as high as $12 billion per year!

One way to keep the interior of your shed or garage fresh might be with some plants – provided you look after them. We're not just going to tell you about any old foliage either – these recommendations come all the way from NASA. They've noted that plants with low light requirements in particular can be really great for removing toxins from the air, including carbon monoxide and benzene!

What does NASA think are the best plants for air quality?

What does NASA think are the best plants for air quality?

So which ones could you stock up on for your shed?

Peace lilies

While not the best performers, peace lilies were listed by NASA as particularly effective at getting rid of trichloroethylene. While that's not the most common of chemicals, it's a good indicator of the usefulness of this plant for clearing the air – perhaps in your industrial shed.

With minimal upkeep required, they're also a pretty aesthetically pleasing choice.

Bamboo palms

An office classic, the bamboo palm was also found by NASA to be the most effective plant studied when it came to clearing oxygen of benzene – something you'll find in petrol. Could be a good option for your custom designed garage, don't you think?

Ambius Indoor Plants recommends medium light for bamboo palms, so you may want to look at the Shed Boss App if you're building a new garage to see where windows could be installed.

Janet Craig

It's always good to find decorative elements that can improve your wellbeing.

This curiously named plant was found to be very efficient at breaking down formaldehyde, which you'll find in the air in smoggy areas. Those with commercial or industrial sheds might consider this for quietly cleaning up the air you breathe on a daily basis. Ambius also notes that it's comfortable in low light conditions!

Now, we don't mean to suggest that your custom designed sheds are smoggy messes. Rather, it's always good to find decorative elements that can improve your wellbeing and get the place feeling a bit nicer. If plants are an appropriate touch for your custom designed shed, you might want to consider these!

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