3 reasons our galvanised steel will be like armour for your shed

Strength and safety are very important when it comes to building a custom designed shed or garage. After all, you would like this structure to be long-lasting, sturdy and capable of withstanding a range of harsh weather conditions.

Here at Shed Boss Fleurieu, we understand the value of strong, secure sheds and garages. Since steel is a big component of our sheds, we have approached this building material like a Knight  would guard and treat their armour or swords – with the utmost care and respect.

Here are three reasons why our heavy galvanised steel will protect your shed like a knight in shining armour and swear an oath to keep it safe.

1) We have designed and patented the Morinda™ Glove Section Bracket System for extreme strength 

In addition to using heavy galvanised steel, we invented and patented a stronger bracket system using fully wraparound knee and apex joints. Why? Well, like any sharp-eyed soldier, we realised that the current brackets on the market just weren't cutting the mustard.

To fix this issue, we sat around the Round Table and devised a smart strategy for using knee and apex joints, typically utilised to connect rafters to columns or keep them in place at the apex of a gable roof. In any structure, it is usually the joints that are the most frail and so our Morinda™ Glove range bolsters the weakest link to offer the best protection.

Our tactic was to firstly use non-welded and corrosion-free steel in the brackets, and then to secure them in place using galvanised bolts. These wrap around to offer the most coverage, ensuring that our customers' custom designed sheds are immensely strong and innovatively engineered.

2) The steel is your shield from the weather 

As a result of our design, these wraparound joints are better equipped for battling strong winds, scorching heat and pouring rain. Australia has been home to some truly extreme conditions, including records such as 50.7 degrees Celsius at the hottest and -23.0 degrees Celsius at the coldest within the last six decades.

The Morinda™ Glove Section Bracket System gives your shed the best line of defence for combating such fluctuations. The steel is your shield, and you can even think of custom designing a colour palette for your coat of arms by consulting a wide range of 22 COLORBOND® steel shades for your shed exterior. Like any solid shield, the steel will protect your realm through a 15 year warranty, maintaining the shine and shimmer of your shed's walls.

The Morinda™ Glove Section Bracket System is designed to withstand harsh Australian weather.

The Morinda™ Glove Section Bracket System is designed to withstand harsh Australian weather.

3) Our construction methods give you the sword and the shield to become a DIY knight

As noble knights we wish to help those who want to take the DIY route and build their shed or garage themselves. To this end, our steel brackets come with pre-punched screw holes so it is much easier to line them up and join them using the galvanised bolts.

Installation is also aided thanks to an instructive DVD offering detailed advice for building yourself. However, we do caution inexperienced builders that the process can be tricky and if you are unfamiliar with construction practices your best course of action would be to seek the support and help of our knights. True to the cause, the Shed Boss Fleurieu is run by friendly locals who will consult with you during the early Shed Boss app designing stages through to erecting the shed or garage on your property. We are crusaders for your cause!


We provide steel brackets with pre-punched screw holes so the installation is easier for those who wish to go the DIY route.

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