3 ways that primary schools could use sheds

The schools system in Australia just keeps on growing. As of 2015, the Australian Bureau of Statistics reported that the number of students enrolled for education went up by 56,872 on the year before. That brought the total number of kids in schools to a whopping 3.75 million.

Of these, 65.2 per cent go to a government school, while the remainder go to non-government schools. Western Australia, the ACT and Victoria saw the biggest increases for student numbers across 2015, while the Northern Territory and Tasmania dropped slightly.

But overall, we've got a bustling education system. For those operating schools in regional areas of the country, it's also a great opportunity to work with your local Shed Boss to create useful structures for your school.

What kind of sports equipment does your school need to store?

What kind of sports equipment does your school need to store?

Sports storage

In a 2009 missive from then-Victorian Minister for Education Bronwyn Pike, the goals were outlined for physical education in schools. For primary students, there should be three hours of physical education and sport per week. In secondary schools, this was to be 100 minutes each for sport and physical education.

You can't run sport in schools without one very important thing.

Now, you can't run sport in schools without one very important thing: a can-do attitude. Also, sports equipment. Whether it's safety gear for hockey, a dozen footy balls or the all-important set of orange marker cones, schools need all the equipment to run a physical education program.

You also need to keep it safe. By working with Shed Boss, schools can put together custom-designed sheds that perform this exact function. Customisable roller doors and remote controls add to the security you need too – we know sports gear isn't cheap!

Being sun smart

As Sun Smart Australia points out, "shady and natural play spaces are also requirements of the Education and Care Services National Regulations". This means your educational facility needs to be prepared with the right shady areas for everyone at a school.

At Shed Boss, we create customised awnings that can service this purpose very efficiently. Kids need to be taught about the dangers of skin cancer and importance of sun protection from an early age, as well as have their play spaces catered for with good shading.

This could be trees or shade umbrellas, but for a more permanent fixture, an awning could be very ideal. It'll also help to protect classrooms from overheating.

Try your own

Of course, every school is going to have different needs, and Shed Boss might not be able to cater for them perfectly. However, that's where the Shed Boss App becomes a fundamental part of the process. By logging into this app, you can design your own shed to the centimetre, adding insulation, whirlybirds, changing the colour and more.

It's a creative, customisable way of seeing if a shed can be built by us for your exact needs. From there, our teams can handle the whole process! Try it out and get in touch.

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