3 ways to use a shed in summer

As many Australians take time off over the summer, it's a great time to engage in hobbies left neglected, or pick up on DIY projects that have languished in the background. The summer often provides great opportunities for people to get out and about, making repairs or doing activities they have held out for all year. And for anyone who has or wants to build a custom designed shed or garage, there are a number of things you can do with this structure to fill in the time.

Let's have a look at some great summer projects that can happen using your shed.

Home distillation

Whether making your own essential oils, distilling water or even creating home-brew, a home still is a popular feature for many people who like to tinker around at home. Anything over 5 litres needs to be approved with the Australian Taxation Office, and they must also be consulted if you are thinking of brewing alcohol. Many states and territories have their own laws regarding this that can overlap with the national guidelines, so it's a good idea to check thoroughly before you start doing this.

But if it is a possible option for you, a home distillery can be a great pet project for you and your shed. By using the right ventilation and insulation, you can create proper working temperatures within the shed for great results. The use of insulation, windows and other items, available to look at in the Shed Boss App, are a great way of regulating temperatures.

Be aware though, that distilling alcohol will mean you incur excise duty on what you produce, and there are licensing regulations. Check what you can and cannot do, then get cracking on a great summertime activity!

Home gym

We all know how the Christmas routine goes – we get to eat, drink, be merry and then make a resolution to work it all off in the new year. It's often easier said than done! But if you have a great custom designed barn or shed, consider setting up a home gym for your personal fitness in the summer.

A shed provides an excellent space for the home gym. It's out of the way, quiet and cool – perfect for a summer workout. Some products are even very space-efficient, so if you are using your shed for other purposes, a home gym system could tuck away in the corner.

Custom designed workshops for summer

If you have a lot of DIY activities to get on the go this summer, then make sure you have the right working space for it! Whether you're fixing old chairs or building a new shelf for the bedroom, you need to be safe and have a great, quiet space to get it done. Shed Boss Fleurieu can build a range of custom designed workshops for your needs, affording you a wonderful creative space.

Between the serenity of your own building space and free reign over what you are building, you might not come out until February!

The uses for a shed are truly endless, and they're a great way to have quiet, productive time this summer. To find out more about the types of shed you can have, and the special features that come with it, make sure to check out the Shed Boss App and then come and talk to us!

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