4 things sheds have in common with relationships

Now, we know sheds and romance don't exactly go hand in hand. In fact, if you were to get your significant other a custom designed shed for Valentine's day then we think they might even be a little angry you didn't get them flowers! But that doesn't mean that romance and our outstanding products don't have anything in common at all.

So we've wracked our brains and come up with a few things that we think both relationships and the range of products at Shed Boss have in common. Check it out, a little something special for your Valentine.

I wonder if this wedding could do with a customised awning?

I wonder if this wedding could do with a customised awning?

1) They're both built on solid foundations

When it comes to relationships, you need a solid base to work from – trust. The same strong foundation applies to our sheds as well, only it's a little more… concrete. Our specialist teams can pour in a sturdy concrete foundation before building a custom-designed shed which ensures it's built strong, built right and built to last.

It might even last longer than a relationship! According to Australian Bureau of Statistics data, in 2014 couples divorced after an average of just over 12 years. But our COLORBOND steel has a warranty that can last as long as 15 years! That's what we like to call a healthy relationship.

2) They both require ongoing maintenance

Relationships take work, and so do sheds. After your establishment costs of making a shed (or relationship) a reality, you need to put in the hard yards to maintain it. When it comes to marriage or love, this means tending to your partner's needs being there when you're needed.

Relationships take work, and so do sheds.

When it comes to a shed, it's a bit more simple. Our materials are built to deal with the harsh Australian outback climates, but a hose-down every six months will be useful. If you're in a coastal area, every three months might be a bit more appropriate, as the salty sea breeze can be a nuisance.

Try not to use hard-bristled brushes or corrosive chemicals though – in both relationships and sheds!

3) They can both make you happy

A 2011 study from Relationships Australia found that spouses were the most important people in 53 per cent of Australians' lives. That leaves a lot of room for sheds to take up some emotional space, we think.

While a custom-designed shed isn't going to bring the same level of happiness that human relationships can, there's something ultimately satisfying about having a fantastically built shed that suits your exact needs. Just as you seek to find a partner that matches you, Shed Boss works to build garages, barns and industrial sheds that fit your needs like a glove.

4) They can both start with an app

According to Roy Morgan research, 5.1 per cent of single Australians use the dating app Tinder. Among those aged 18-24, that goes up to 8.8 per cent. While these numbers diminish severely among older age groups, it's likely to become more popular as years go on.

Have you used the Shed Boss App?

Have you used the Shed Boss App?

Just as young people are using an app to build a relationship, anyone can use the Shed Boss App to build their custom designed shed. With so many adaptable features and options, it's a great way to envisage what your garage, garaport or shed will look like when we complete it.

You don't even have to go out for a coffee with us before deciding if you want to keep working through our design process! Simply send your plans through, we'll get in touch with quotes and design ideas, and if you like it we can get all of the approvals done and begin work.

Are you ready to fall in love with a custom designed shed?

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