Storing aircraft: What to consider when building a custom hangar

Building a custom designed shed for your residence or commercial property is a great way to provide a covered, secure storage location for a whole range of things – from tools and chemicals through to vehicles. However, Shed Boss also creates larger buildings to store bigger items, such as aircraft.

If you're a hobby pilot who owns your own light aircraft or if you use a bigger commercial one for your crops, chances are you'll be needing a safe, sturdy and secure space to your aviation vehicles when they aren't in use or when they need to have maintenance and repairs done.

There are a number of factors to consider when it comes to designing your shed. For example, think about the direction your doors will need to open for maximum ease of access. While a roller door might seem like a good idea, it could be a wiser option to have a slider door that moves completely out of the entrance way. This can help protect your aircraft from damages that can occur due to the height of the vehicle by avoiding the roller door scratching on the roof.

Furthermore, consider how many aircraft you'll need to store in the space. Looking toward the future, it could be worth building a larger space than necessary to begin with – especially if you have plans of expansion. In the meantime, this also gives you plenty of working space to repair your aircraft and make routine maintenance checks​, whatever the weather.

Finally, think about ventilation in the shed. If you're going to be storing fuel and other chemicals in the premises , you'll need to ensure there's plenty of fresh air flowing through, in order to keep it safe and sound for you and anyone else in the space. Installing an air conditioning unit or a number of windows throughout the building is a simple way to help keep the air fresh and the atmosphere healthy.

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