Awesome autumn colours for your shed

We know aesthetics aren't the be-all and end-all of a custom designed shed, but who doesn't love a new construction that looks absolutely stunning? As we head into autumn, you may be thinking about a barn for livestock, or perhaps an upgraded shed to house equipment during the colder months.

And with the leaves falling and earthy golden hues permeating throughout the landscape, you should think about the colours you can pick for your shed that match the coming seasons nicely. At Shed Boss Fleurieu, we work with COLORBOND® steel products to bring your plans to life. This is a trademark of BlueScope Steel, a recognised and trusted brand in Australia.

When you want to design your own building, consider these available colours that can really bring a new level of beauty to your shed this coming autumn and winter.


BasaltA new shade from COLORBOND®, this colour is a bold, modern choice when you want your custom designed shed or workshop to stand tall as a rock of ages. It comes without the green tones that populate many other colours, giving it a harder edge, like the rock its name is derived from.

Basalt is a type of rock that is formed when volcanic lava cools very quickly, and solidifies into a very strong material. This colour echoes that, and is great when you want your shed to immediately communicate it's permanence and strength. For some great contrasting colours, try peachy oranges or greens.


FRecommended for residential colours and rainwater products, Gully™ is nonetheless also an excellent colour if you wish to give a down-to-earth feel to your barn or custom shed. It is a deep brown shade that accompanies a wide range of colours well, and could be considered for sheds on any type of ground.

It's a versatile shade that exudes calm and allows you to get a bit more experimental with finishing touches, if that's what you are interested in doing. Gully™ also works well if you want a roof colour to match creamier tones on the walls of your shed.


MANGROVE_608x450This is a fresher option, and could be worth your time if you are going to miss the green tones of deciduous foliage around your shed and property. It has a grey base under its green shade, with a touch of yellow as well. This makes it a good base colour for your shed that matches the Australian floral landscape, and makes it right at home in rural and regional areas.

It's great when your shed is located on a lush green plain, or perhaps is surrounded by trees, whether or not they are shedding their leaves this autumn.



COVE_608x450This is a warm, fantastic golden-brown colour that looks great in the setting sun. Evoking the beach and soft, sandy and earthy surfaces, it gives a great homecoming feel to your shed. It's a great colour to keep the summer aesthetic alive a little longer, while still moving towards a nice autumn theme on your property.

Getting the right colour for your shed can give your land a great sense of consistency, as well as giving you great personal satisfaction with your creation. The wide ranges of hues available from COLORBOND® means you can tailor the colour of your custom designed shed to your specification, whether it's an autumn theme or to get in line with your company branding.

This is just one customisable option available from Shed Boss Fleurieu, and you can view many more by accessing our Shed Boss App, either on your Android device, iPhone, or at our website. The options are numerous and fantastic – see for yourself!

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