Awesome awnings for alfresco areas

There are a lot of great things about living in South Australia – the picturesque Fleurieu countryside, the rolling coastlines and hills, and of course, the sunshine. The weather conditions across much of Australia mean that having living areas that incorporate the outdoors is something that is more than plausible – it's easy!

An alfresco living area for your shed can be perfect for the evenings when you want to have people over, especially during summer and the warmer parts of autumn. Adding an awning to your Shed Boss shed is a fantastic way of making an alfresco area all the more luxurious – and they come in handy if you want an outdoor area with some protection from the elements as well. Here's how to get a great outdoor living area.

Stay safe in the sun

Some parts of Australia, such as Adelaide, have upwards of 8 hours of sunshine per day on average throughout the entire year. That is a lot of UV rays, and part of making a safe space for people to hang out and eat in an alfresco living area is providing adequate protection from the sun.

After all, the sun's rays can cause a lot of damage – according to the Cancer Council of Australia, the number of melanoma diagnoses has increased by 60 per cent between 1982 and 2010. So, it's crucial to protect people appropriately. One way of doing this can be to provide a Shed Boss awning that extends from the main body of your shed.

This can provide a great deal of shade protection, allowing you to relax and dine without having to worry about damage from the sun. The Federal government's YourHome website recommends an awning as one solution for shading a home or area that is north-facing, as these tend to see the most sun during the summer.

Knowing the orientation of your shed and having a well-placed awning attached will be a great part of any alfresco dining area.

Shed Boss gable shed with awning

Decorate appropriately

Once you have the right cover from the elements in place, you can make a great space. Outdoor chairs that are lightweight will be good for moving around, and appropriate potted plants can add some real freshness to an alfresco area.

One way you might want to create a green-heavy exterior living space is through the use of vines and creepers. These could climb the poles of an awning, providing a great splash of colour across the foundations of your new space.

Make sure your flooring is appropriately sealed and protected if you expect heavy foot traffic as well!

Create your own and try before you buy

If you have an iPhone, Android phone or perhaps are even just reading this now, you have the power to create your own awning design that could give you an idea of how it would look. That's because you can use the Shed Boss App to design your own custom designed garage or awning structure – and it's also available online through our website!

You can decide how big it will be, down to the millimetre, before testing different colour schemes and choosing the style of roof you want to use. The options are endless, and then you can send it to us for feedback and quotes, as well as sharing it on social networks. It's a great way to see a design before committing to anything, and lets you dream big on your own for a beautiful outdoor living and dining area.

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