Beauty inside and out: Ideas for the interior of your custom designed shed

From the moment you lay eyes on the glistening, galvanised COLORBOND® steel exterior of your shed, you will probably feel excited to step inside and start using the space for whatever spunky idea you built it for.

You probably put a lot of thought into choosing what type of building would best suit your needs, selecting between an exterior shape of a skillion, gable or barn-style structure. Next you may have spent quite a bit of time consulting the range of 22 COLORBOND® steel shades to decide on the hue that you loved best, whether it be closer to nature such as PALE EUCALYPT® or sleek and industrial such as IRONSTONE®.

But what about the interior?

Here are some ideas for making the inside areas of your shed just as mesmerising as the outside.

Let there be light 


Skylights are a great choice for natural light

Nothing jazzes up a space and makes it seem fresh and airy like natural light. You can add skylights and windows to your custom designed shed, using the green resource of solar power for heat and light during the daytime. Here at Shed Boss we also offer you the extra option of insulating your shed, so you can keep the heat inside better.

Better yet, the vitamin D that humans gain from exposure to the sun is responsible for regulating and giving energy to 1,000 different types of genes in our tissue, including boosting our neuromuscular and immune system, according to a study published in Environmental Health Perspectives.

Allow the most sun rays into your shed by placing windows or skylights at strategic points while you're designing it on our Shed Boss app. For example, if you've selected a skillion roof and your land is slightly hilly, a pitch of 10 degrees forms the steepest incline so you can face it to the sun at a stronger tilt and still get as much illumination from your skylight as if you were on flat ground.

A front or rear garaport built near a window is another tip for letting light in, as you can string up LED lights along the poles or under the garaport's roof so the glow can be glimpsed through the window and reflect inside for a charming atmosphere.

Make the most of interior walls 

Organising a large, empty, open space is very tricky. It is far easier to allocate designated areas for specific tasks. This is where internal division walls can help, organising the space in your residential shed into manageable sections and offering space for safely hanging up tools.

If you're using the shed as a home office or business venue, an internal wall allows you to hang up cork boards for pinning meeting notes, travel tickets, calendars and other useful documentation above your desk.

Interior walls don't just help residential sheds, though. In a commercial workshop for panel beaters, for example, an internal wall as soon as people step inside can help block out noise or sights of mess that lay behind. Instead, this wall can be used as an elegant display board for hanging up framed certificates of your licences or pictures of the cars you fixed as great show-pieces of the quality of your business's workmanship.

Want to learn more about other people who used their shed interior innovatively? Just call the friendly team at Shed Boss  to find out how you can design your shed interior just as successfully as the exterior.

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