Building the best barn

The days of a barn just being a plain wooden structure are far behind us.

Whether you need to house animals or store valuable assets like farming equipment, a modern, well-made barn can meet your needs and add value to your real estate.

Site is essential

Building to suit a specific site is always an important part of construction, but this can be even more essential when it comes to barns, especially if they're being used to house animals.

For instance, say you need a space to keep your horses. Deciding which site works best is about more than just space requirements, you also need to account for things like the general direction of winds and how best to maximise natural sunlight and airflow.

After all, you probably don't want to live downwind of a group of animals, and ventilation and warmth are important for keeping livestock healthy.

Shed Boss can assist you in identifying the best site on your property to build.

Building for efficiency

No two property owners are the same, and this should be reflected in their barns.

For example, if your barn is intended to house a certain type of livestock, its design should be much different from a barn used to store heavy equipment.

Built with premium-quality Australian steel and the patented Morinda™ Glove Bracket System, Shed Boss Fleurieu can customise your barn design to suit your individual needs and ensure your barn is effective and efficient for what you'll be using it for.

Don't forget the details

From flowing lines to single, double or triple bays, modern steel barns can be customised with a number of details to better suit your requirements.

Consider the width of your barn, how high you want its roof to be and whether internal columns make sense for how you plan to use it.

Also be sure to consider how many points of entry you want and whether a roller door would be preferable to another type.

Finally, think about which colour steel you're in the market for. After all, there's no law that says all barns have to be boring.

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