Building the perfect shearing shed

When you run a farm or other agricultural business, there is no end to the uses you can find for a shed. Crop storage, vehicle parking or perhaps a separate office space – sheds can provide you with what you need.

Our buildings are commonly used as shearing sheds – here's how we can make the best building for your ovine operations.

Deciding which way to go

As local experts, the team at Shed Boss Fleurieu can look at your current property specifications and existing structures and help you determine the best type of shed to use for your shearing operations. It may be renovating an existing shed, or it may be clearing space to build a new one. Whatever the plan ends up being, it will be custom crafted for your needs, with your direction and our expert advice.

Starting from the bottom

With heavy sheep thoroughfare, a shearing shed can easily be worn down – it's important to get the sturdiest base in place for a long-lasting construction. A concrete floor is easy to clean, extremely durable and can be padded in any area you wish to make more comfortable.

Indoor room

You don't just want enough room for the rough and tumble that comes with sheep shearing, you want it to be roomy enough for your stock as well. By expanding your shed space a little you can have a wide berth for sheep to pass through, and also minimise anxiety in the stock as they come through to be shorn. Make sure you have enough space for pens, machinery, ramps and gates for best safety practices.

With our custom-built sheds, your shearing shed can be a work of art – talk to us today to discuss your options, or you can get a free quote online.

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