Why do you pour the concrete slab first?

Did you know that pouring a concrete slab inside your shed can void your BlueScope COLORBOND™ steel warranty?

If you opt for our complete project service, we'll do all the hard work for you, and that includes ensuring your product meets the specifications of your COLORBOND® warranty agreement. Many shed builders will erect your walls first, then pour a slab in afterwards. This process can do more harm than good, however, as it can cause premature corrosion.

To meet the warranty, we'll lay your foundation first, then put up four enclosing walls to meet BlueScope Steel's specifications.

The BlueScope steel warranty for ColorBond steel states:

"the Material must not be used as concrete formwork or be immersed, including during construction"

BlueScope steel also provides further guidance on using ColorBond steel in Sheds & Garages in this Technical Bulletin


This is a poor building practice which some builders use to achieve a cheaper quote,  however the true cost is the likelihood of your shed rusting out in as little as 2 years and voiding the BlueScope steel warranty

Pouring concrete inside your shed will result in accelerated corrosion due to contact with wet cement, which is strongly alkaline, and the shrinkage of cured concrete which enables the build-up of dirt and debris left in the gap left between the slab and the wall.

At Shed Boss, we pour the concrete slab to a precise size prior to construction – with the drip-free edge of the wall sheeting extending 50mm down the side of the slab, without touching the slab itself.  This enables moisture to drain freely from the sheared edge of the steel.

This means that the risk of corrosion caused by condensation, or hosing the shed out, is eliminated.  Plus, you can take advantage of the full BlueScope COLORBOND™ warranty*

ShedBoss Slab


*Warranty terms and conditions apply. Warranties are not available for all products and applications. The duration and terms and conditions of available warranties vary according to product use and application.

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