Custom carports for every application

A premium, custom-designed carport from Shed Boss is the smart choice, whether you need protection for the family car, space for a fleet of heavy vehicles, additional storage, or commercial parking for staff or customers.

Select from a wide range of COLORBOND® steel colours, then we’ll customise a professionally-engineered flat roof (Skillion roof) or gable roof carport that matches the colour and profile of your home, shop or commercial building.

You can build your Shed Boss carport yourself from our plans, or our team of qualified tradesmen will build it for you, handling all the necessary approvals along the way.

Our durable, low maintenance carports are ideal for diverse uses including:

  • Car, bike, and motorbike parking/storage
  • Boat or caravan storage
  • Covered recreation areas
  • Standalone outdoor entertainment areas
  • Pergolas
  • Commercial vehicle fleet parking/storage
  • Boat and marine craft storage
  • Plant, equipment and machinery storage
  • Staff, customer or tenant parking
  • Shelter for shop fronts and outdoor retail display

Things to consider when building a carport

Just because it's a smaller scale project doesn't mean the dimensions of the carport can be estimated or guessed. Ensuring your able to utilise the space in your desired way is essential, so discussing your plans with an expert should be high on your list of things to do.

Remember that it's entirely possible that your carport will be used for more than simply storing cars. Whether it becomes a sunshade during the summer months or the storage space for a larger vehicle – such as a boat or other vessel – in the future, taking possible future use into consideration is important.

Deciding on dimensions

How your carport will be used is an important construction factor.

For instance, if it's going to sit beside your house, used by you and your family for your vehicles, you need to account for surrounding buildings during construction. You must also keep in mind how the number of vehicles you own, as well as their sizes, may change in the future.

Chances are your carport will outlast your current vehicle, so it's important to plan ahead.

This is even more vital for carports used at commercial locations. If you're looking to provide vehicle shelter for employees or customers, you'll need to ensure you meet the needs of a wide range of vehicles.

Protection from the weather

Looking after the integrity of your vehicles is important. If you have no room to build a garage, creating a carport is just as effective at providing the cover needed to protect your car. Whether this be shading from sun to prevent paint fade, or looking after your car from heavy rain during the winter months, there are a number of reasons why you'd want to cover your vehicle.

Extension of your home

One of the brilliant bonuses of installing a carport in your residence is that you can use it as an extension of your home during the summer. What this means is that the hot weather will be no match for your shaded, outdoor area. Simply set up a few chairs and tables to instantly create a great space for you and your family to spend time, outside but under the shade.

Save time

Carports also tend to be faster to build than a garage or shed. If you're looking for a fast solution to your residential problems, looking into the creation of a carport could be the best step to take. There are a number of different designs to choose from (for example, skillion or gable roof), giving you the opportunity to find something that suits the overall aesthetic of your home.

The team at Shed Boss is happy to help our clients every step of the way. As licensed builders, we can take care of Council Approvals and build your perfect custom designed carport.

All Carports feature:

  • Stramit® 0.42 BMT Corrugated Roof Cladding

  • Create your carport’s perfect colour scheme with COLORBOND®
  • Exclusive Morinda™ Glove Section Bracket System for unequalled strength and durability
  • COLORBOND® gutters in your choice of colours
  • Class 4 “Marine Grade” fasteners: high quality self tapping screws with a leak free neoprene washer seal
  • Site specific design wind speed: engineered and certified for your site conditions and usage needs, as required for Council approval
  • Certificates of Design Compliance in accordance with South Australian Development Act - Regulation 88