Why is it so important that your shed is Aussie-built?

In this modern day and age where globalisation is becoming ever more apparent, it can often be difficult to purchase goods that were actually made in their country of origin. Many of our cars are built in Japan, cutlery forged in Britain and clothes sewn over in China. Part of the reason for this is that […]

Are our sheds ready for climate change?

The phrase 'climate change' is one that's hard to escape in this day and age. It refers to the gradual warming of the Earth due to a number of combining factors, and this can bring with it a range of different weather types that we need to prepare for should global warming continue unchecked. Your custom-designed […]

Seeing is believing: Impress your customers with a retail showroom

No matter how wonderfully your products are photographed and uploaded to your business website, nothing beats showing customers the quality and scale of your products in person. A wide range of businesses can benefit from commercial sheds used as a showroom on their lot, so that when customers come by all you have to do […]

How fleet managers can benefit from ShedSafe™ garages

As businesses aim to optimise their operational productivity, more and more are turning to fleet management. This allows them to keep track of all the cars, trucks and vehicles used for business purposes, such as delivering products to consumers or exporting goods inter-state. A recent report from TechNavio found that fleet management is set to become […]

Sheds of steel: Why steel is best

When looking at investing in a commercial or domestic custom designed shed, you should consider using top-quality local steel that is guaranteed to withstand the tests of harsh Australian weather. With steel imports rising and local manufacturers falling out of business, steel structures are at the risk of compromised quality and injury-prone collapses. There are no […]

Your ultimate COLORBOND® steel colour guide

Welcome to Shed Boss' ultimate COLORBOND® steel colour guide! This guide provides the whole range of 22 steel colours compiled into one handy list, separated according to classic and contemporary shades. It gives you an idea of the colours available for you to custom design your Shed Boss structure on the Shed Boss app. Our app offers a 3D […]

Which COLORBOND® steel colour is right for your shed? [VIDEO]

Which COLORBOND® steel colour is right for your shed? [VIDEO] [KGVID poster="http://shedboss.com.au/sandbox/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/14103034-720x380.jpg" width="640" height="360"]http://media.shedboss.com.au/RecordedVideos/videos/855821ac-8984-4094-96a6-794fede1d662/246/8000219/Source-Video/video1.mp4[/KGVID] Transcript With a wide variety of COLORBOND® steel colours on offer, your custom designed shed can shimmer and shine in style. Here’s a handy guide that matches colours to different styles, so your garden or storage shed can look good next […]

The importance of brand colours in business buildings

In an increasingly competitive global market, maintaining a unique and strong brand can dramatically help a business stay at the forefront of consumer's thoughts. Colour psychology is frequently used in marketing and branding, helping businesses establish their image in the minds of consumers. Companies carefully choose the colours for their logo or brand, consulting with experts […]

3 reasons our galvanised steel will be like armour for your shed

Strength and safety are very important when it comes to building a custom designed shed or garage. After all, you would like this structure to be long-lasting, sturdy and capable of withstanding a range of harsh weather conditions. Here at Shed Boss Fleurieu, we understand the value of strong, secure sheds and garages. Since steel […]

Know your measurements: BMT vs. TCT

If you're not already familiar with the different measurements used for steel, you may soon find yourself a little uncertain during the design process of your custom designed shed. For example, at Shed Boss we will refer to the BlueScope Steel materials we use in terms of 'BMT', which is a measurement of steel thickness. […]