How do you clean the concrete floor of a shed?

When we build your custom-designed shed, it starts with a solid foundation – the concrete base. It's emblematic of our 'built strong, built right' ethos and can handle almost anything you throw at it. However, that doesn't make it immune to getting stained or dirty as time goes on! Sometimes, these blemishes can be a little more […]

Gable Monument

From drab to slab: Everything you need to know about concrete for your shed

Did you know that the origins of concrete trace back thousands of years? The very earliest, crude forms of concrete were used by the ancient Egyptians around 5,000 years ago, when they built the pyramids. A few centuries later during the Roman Empire, concrete and cement were used to their full potential to create magnificent […]

The benefits of having a concrete floor with Shed Boss

When you build with Shed Boss Fleurieu, there's a lot you can count on: Strong design, fantastic Morinda™ bracketry, a commitment from our staff to meet your vision for what a shed should be – and also a sound, strong foundation of concrete. The concrete slab forms a fundamental part of the strength of our buildings, and […]

FAQAC: Frequently asked questions about concrete

A solid, well-made concrete foundation can make all the difference for your custom designed barn, shed or garage's life span. You can't just get a mixing truck, pour a load of concrete on your site and call it a day. There is a certain artistry to this part of the construction process, and you could […]

Keeping wood dry in your custom designed shed

Whether you are involved in building on a commercial level, as a DIY project or simply want to start stocking up on firewood for the winter months ahead, there are many precautions you have to take. Termites, borers, fungal rot and fire can all pose a threat to your wood, so it's a good idea […]

Keeping your concrete floor clean: Tips to avoid staining

Concrete is a common flooring choice for custom designed sheds, homes, commercial complexes and a whole wide range of different property types. This is because it's a reliable material that combines durability with a minimalist, modern chic that is timeless. If you're looking into putting down a concrete floor in your new shed, you'll be […]

What are the benefits of having a concrete floor for your shed?

Building a custom designed shed brings with it a whole host of design decisions to make – both purely aesthetic and more practical. One of the biggest choices you'll have to make with regards to this is the type of flooring you want for your space. In most cases, it could be beneficial to go […]