Extra extravaganza part 1: How Shed Boss extras can improve your shed

Extra, extra, read all about it! Here, you can find information on our range of added extra options for your custom designed shed, garage, workshop, barn, patio or awning. All of these features are included on the Shed Boss app, available in the early stages of planning so you can be sure of what's on offer […]

How to halt your hoarding with a custom designed shed

We all know the classic hoarding problems. It can be clothing that never gets thrown out, a series of Encyclopaedia Britannica books that have been left unused for aeons or just general childhood toys that have remained in the home, out of use and collecting dust. When it can become a problem is when it […]

3 uses for a mezzanine floor

If you are building a larger custom designed shed, there are some great options available for getting the most out of the space. One such method is by installing a mezzanine floor, which is an elevated area between the floor and ceiling. It can be a small storage area just as easily as it can be an […]