7 tips for making your custom designed shed energy efficient

Recycling more waste, drinking coffee every morning from a keep-cup, remembering to switch off the television when nobody is watching – all these small steps are helping the environment. But what about the bigger decisions, such as building a house with solar panels or designing an industrial shed with energy-efficient systems in place? These are […]

What colour will your next custom shed be?

One of the great benefits of choosing Shed Boss Fleurieu is the fact that we utilise COLORBOND® steel for our buildings. This material is incredibly strong, and is highly resistant to corrosion and weather damage. Although, colour is of equal importance in its own ways. The overall toughness of your shed is great when it comes […]

Safe storage solutions for both commercial and residential sheds

Storage. That word can sometimes make people feel anxious or stressed, worried about a lack of space for securing their important items. Finding spare room in cupboards, under the stairs or inside wardrobes is often like Mission Impossible – but this is where Shed Boss Fleurieu can help. A custom designed shed for your business […]

What bracketry will Shed Boss use on my project?

The joints are one of the most important parts of your custom designed workshop's skeletal structure. For any building, joints can be one of the weakest areas, and they are often subjected to the raw power of the elements. For this reason, it's absolutely imperative that you have the strongest joints possible in your building, […]

The dreaded ‘M’ word: Do you need to maintain your custom designed shed?

No matter which Shed Boss building you choose, be it a custom designed barn or a casual carport, you'll want it to remain standing for a long time. This means the steel needs to bear the pounding elements of Australia's varied weather, and survive corrosion-free. Are you going to need to perform regular maintenance on your […]

Where do you turn if you can’t build a shed yourself?

Not everyone is a builder, and many more are pretty averse to general DIY as well. However, people still need their carports, custom designed garages, garaports, workshops and other similar products. So how do non-builders, or even builders who can't be bothered doing it themselves, get one of these constructions made for them? They contact […]

Awesome awnings for alfresco areas

There are a lot of great things about living in South Australia – the picturesque Fleurieu countryside, the rolling coastlines and hills, and of course, the sunshine. The weather conditions across much of Australia mean that having living areas that incorporate the outdoors is something that is more than plausible – it's easy! An alfresco […]

Keeping wood dry in your custom designed shed

Whether you are involved in building on a commercial level, as a DIY project or simply want to start stocking up on firewood for the winter months ahead, there are many precautions you have to take. Termites, borers, fungal rot and fire can all pose a threat to your wood, so it's a good idea […]

How does a custom designed shed save you money?

We all know the old adage 'you have to spend money to make money', but what about spending money to save money? When it comes to planning and building a custom designed shed, there are many ways you can save money in the long run. The numerous features available to you as well as the […]

Get the Shed Boss edge in a crowded property market

If you hadn't noticed, we are currently in the midst of a property boom. This is largely because land supply hasn't been keeping up with property sales, pushing up the demand for real estate. In fact, the Housing Industry Association has noted that regional and capital city markets are now seeing their highest prices ever! […]