Liven up your property listings

We all know property is booming, but the neighbourhood is getting pretty crowded out there. Just one look at real estate sites like Domain or and you’ll see thousands of outstanding places all clamouring for buyers. In this environment, anything that makes your listing stand out will attract more interest and more buyers at […]

How to custom design your shed into a home cinema

We've talked plenty about sheds before, like how to custom-design one as a 'man cave', but have you ever considered this – a small and cosy private cinema right in your own back yard? You can build one for yourself, your family, or as a present to your significant other. With a home cinema, it'll also […]

How to turn your shed into an art space

No one knows better than Shed Boss that your shed can be anything you want it to be. From a fine wine cellar, right through to a writing retreat or even a barn, there are few things in life more versatile than a custom-designed shed. Smart arty As a budding artist, or a professional one, you'll […]

Are our sheds ready for climate change?

The phrase 'climate change' is one that's hard to escape in this day and age. It refers to the gradual warming of the Earth due to a number of combining factors, and this can bring with it a range of different weather types that we need to prepare for should global warming continue unchecked. Your custom-designed […]

3 ways to soundproof your shed or garage

There is a budding musician in many us – perhaps we just don't know it yet! Whether you enjoying strumming your guitar, banging away at the drums or mixing the latest tunes on the wheels of steel, music has the power to bring great joy to anyone within earshot – or great annoyance. Because your […]

5 ways to make your custom-designed shed a man cave

The man cave is a staple of many households. So much so, in fact, that  the man cave as a common type of custom-designed shed we create. And why wouldn't you want one? The appeal of a private space that is all your own is hard to deny, especially when you can design your own shed […]

Tips for matching your shed or garage to the style of your home

The Australian Housing Industry Association noted that between March 2014 and 2015, construction began for a staggering 205,000 new homes. This is a record breaking number, marking the first time in history that the 200,000 threshold has been breached. This is great news, because owning a home is a life milestone and a dream come true […]

Which COLORBOND® steel colour is right for your shed? [VIDEO]

Which COLORBOND® steel colour is right for your shed? [VIDEO] [KGVID poster="" width="640" height="360"][/KGVID] Transcript With a wide variety of COLORBOND® steel colours on offer, your custom designed shed can shimmer and shine in style. Here’s a handy guide that matches colours to different styles, so your garden or storage shed can look good next […]