3 plants that’ll clear the air in your custom designed shed

If you're working in a custom designed shed, no matter what your task, it might get a bit stagnant if you leave the doors and windows closed. Even then, it can always pay to keep the air nice and fresh while you get on with your work. In fact, as far back as 1998 there […]

3 tips for saving water in your shed

Did you know that here in Australia, we're the biggest users of water per capita in the world? According to the federal government's Your Home website, we each consume on average 100,000 litres of fresh water every year. All of this, despite the fact that our average annual rainfall is below the global average, currently […]

Waste management methods for livestock barns

If you own cattle or another type of livestock, it's likely that you have or need a customised barn to house these animals from time to time. Whether for milking, shelter from the weather or perhaps as a stable for your horses, the range of buildings from Shed Boss Fleurieu can help you create an ideal […]

Are you familiar with the health and safety legislation for workshops?

It would not be an understatement to say that small to medium enterprises (SMEs) are the backbone of Australian business. More than half of the country works as an SME employee - 63 per cent of all workers to be exact, according to the Australasian SME Alliance (ASMEA). This is equal to over 5 million people! It's no surprise, […]