Why is it so important that your shed is Aussie-built?

In this modern day and age where globalisation is becoming ever more apparent, it can often be difficult to purchase goods that were actually made in their country of origin. Many of our cars are built in Japan, cutlery forged in Britain and clothes sewn over in China. Part of the reason for this is that […]

Why 2016 is a great time for rural sheds

A custom designed shed is a great investment for your piece of real estate, but it can be difficult to decide when the time is right to build one. Even with the easy Shed Boss Complete Project service, where we undertake the construction and approvals from start to finish, you may not be sure when […]

Ensuring your custom designed shed’s structural integrity

At Shed Boss, we build strong and we build right. That's another way of saying we're dedicated to construction projects that are structurally sound and will stand the test of time. This involves taking care of  the complete project from design to council approvals, concreting and construction and using only the highest quality materials. Design We are […]

What does ShedSafe mean?

When you decide to build a shed on your property, whether its a large customisable barn or a smaller awning for shelter from the elements, you want to know that your product is going to be safe and sound for the years to come. That is why Shed Boss take steps to achieve ShedSafe accreditation. […]