Why now’s the best time to invest in farm sheds

As part of the drought package announced by the Federal Government,  primary producers can now immediately deduct the cost of fodder storage sheds for hay, grain or other livestock feeds to help you to better drought-proof your property and make it easier for you to store, stockpile and invest in fodder.

Feeding livestock in a drought with your shed

The conditions in Australia can fluctuate wildly, as many of you will know. Melbourne can see scorching heat, heavy rain and wild lightning all in a day, while parts of the outback can be as prone to flooding as they are to drought. Dealing with the extremely dry conditions that can plague parts of Australia […]

Why 2016 is a great time for rural sheds

A custom designed shed is a great investment for your piece of real estate, but it can be difficult to decide when the time is right to build one. Even with the easy Shed Boss Complete Project service, where we undertake the construction and approvals from start to finish, you may not be sure when […]

The ABCs of building a barn in Australia

Millions of young children around the world grow up learning the nursery rhyme 'Old MacDonald had a farm', complete with information on the animals on his farmland and the shelter they were provided. Mr MacDonald seems like a lovely bloke, so chances are, said shelter came in the form of custom designed barns. He probably […]

Waste management methods for livestock barns

If you own cattle or another type of livestock, it's likely that you have or need a customised barn to house these animals from time to time. Whether for milking, shelter from the weather or perhaps as a stable for your horses, the range of buildings from Shed Boss Fleurieu can help you create an ideal […]

How can a shed help your hobby farm?

If you want a slice of the rural lifestyle without the large-scale management that comes with running a dairy farm, then a hobby farm might be the path for you. Also known as a small lifestyle farm, they can be a great way to cultivate your own crops or perhaps rear a small group of […]

How to take care of your animals in a barn

Many popular uses for our custom designed sheds and barns involve animals of many breeds. There can be sheep for shearing, horses for stabling, or more general husbandry of all different types of livestock. Whenever animals are housed in a shed or barn, it is important to keep them safe and healthy and provide a […]

Could a barn work for your property?

Often, when you want to build a custom designed barn with Shed Boss Fleurieu, there is one vision for the function it will serve. But the beauty of sheds is, they can serve many roles depending on the circumstances! Here are three ways a barn could benefit your rural property. Workshop wonders If you have […]

Minimising hazards in your shed

If you have used Shed Boss to create a custom-built workplace shed, chances are you'll need to prepare a lot of safety measures for the day-to-day operation of the area. Whether you're conducting metalwork or using dangerous chemicals, there can be many hazards from within and without the shed – here are some factors that […]

3 reasons to use Colorbond steel

Building a custom-designed shed is something we love to do – especially with the wide range of models we help create for your rural property. The variety of products we can create for you service many needs, but one consistent factor that makes our sheds stand out from the pack is our use of COLORBOND® steel. […]