How to prevent fire hazards in your shed

While the summer heat is dying down, for many parts of Australia there can still be the risk of fire. Dry grass and prolonged periods without rain can create hazardous conditions, and that is important to remember – especially if you live in a rural area. Fire prevention is a key element of regional living, […]

A brief guide to Australian wind speed ratings

Wind is great when you're flying a kite, or hoping for a cool breeze on a hot day. It's a bit less convenient, however, when it's rolling over your custom designed barn, trying to knock it over. To prevent this sort of extreme incident happening, wind ratings are always considered during the planning phase of […]

Is your custom designed shed safe, or ShedSafe™?

When planning out the steps to build your custom designed shed, you need to know that it's going to be safe. A steel structure may seem sturdy when you first build it, but little things over time, such as wind and corrosion, can wear it down until worst comes to worst and something fails. So […]

Protecting your shed from the wind

While Shed Boss Fleurieu can build your custom designed shed quickly and efficiently with top quality materials and ShedSafe accreditation, we do have to take into account many factors before we begin construction. These can affect the legal compliance of your shed and the technical specifications we adhere to during the build. By letting us […]

Who does Shed Boss work with?

When you engage Shed Boss for a custom design on your barn, carport or shed product you don't just get our excellent service and efficiency. You're getting the backing of a series of authorities that all have approved our work from a number of angles. So who are some of the people or businesses that have […]

Customising a shed for kids

From crop storage to rural office, there is almost no task a Shed Boss custom-built building cannot perform for you. And that goes for these oddball ideas as well! If you have space on your property and want to try something new, perhaps consider these out-of-the-box plans for a shed. Indoor sports arena As any […]

What does ShedSafe mean?

When you decide to build a shed on your property, whether its a large customisable barn or a smaller awning for shelter from the elements, you want to know that your product is going to be safe and sound for the years to come. That is why Shed Boss take steps to achieve ShedSafe accreditation. […]

Creating a shed that is safe for the kids

Safety is paramount when you work in any environment, but particularly when your places of living and work have some overlap. This can be the case if you construct a customised Shed Boss building on your property. While safe work practices are very important, this crossover means you should also look to childproofing your shed if […]

3 basics for shed safety

Creating a custom-designed building with Shed Boss is a breeze – our experts handle every aspect of the process from start to finish to your requirements. They will make a building that stands the test of time, not to mention the test of Australian weather! They will be sturdy and safe, no matter what you use […]