How to turn your shed into an art space

No one knows better than Shed Boss that your shed can be anything you want it to be. From a fine wine cellar, right through to a writing retreat or even a barn, there are few things in life more versatile than a custom-designed shed. Smart arty As a budding artist, or a professional one, you'll […]

3 sheds that helped shape history

Our relationship with the humble shed goes way beyond a place to simply put our tools as an external storage space like the days of old. Today, the word 'shed' can mean anything from a small granny flat extension, to a large barn or even an aircraft hangar. Even so, when you hear inspirational stories of singer-songwriters […]

The mighty man cave

Gentlemen, while your wives are away, what are you to do? Why, grab some beers and call a few friends over to hang out in your man cave of course! We've talked plenty about 'she sheds', the female equivalent to a man cave, but now it's time to focus on the original habitants of sheds. There […]

Famous creators with custom designed sheds

We've had a look at some gigantic sheds to inspire your own, but what about whether your own shed will inspire you? Across human history, many people have invented, painted, written and created some incredibly famous works from the comfort of their own custom designed shed. If you've been searching for the perfect space from […]

How can you use a custom-designed garage to store a classic car?

We Australians are huge fans of our cars. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, there were 18 million registered vehicles circling their way around the nation's highways and byways at the last count, and that's a number that's only set to rise. It's not just modern motors that get our engines racing, however – […]

Should you be thinking about a she shed?

While we have devoted an article or two for ideas regarding man caves and sheds for more masculine activities, it's high time we took a look at custom designed sheds to suit the ladies. After all, women actually make up more of the country than men at the Australian Bureau of Statistics' last count – […]

How to turn a custom designed shed into a wine cellar

Have you a taste for the finer things in life? Rare and exquisite wine, maybe? We wouldn't be surprised – Shed Boss Fleurieu operates in the heart of the renowned Langhorne Creek and McLaren Vale wine regions. You might have been thinking about a custom designed shed, and the many ways it could work in your […]

5 ways to make your custom-designed shed a man cave

The man cave is a staple of many households. So much so, in fact, that  the man cave as a common type of custom-designed shed we create. And why wouldn't you want one? The appeal of a private space that is all your own is hard to deny, especially when you can design your own shed […]

Why one of our commercial sheds is perfect as an office space

In the year from June 2013 to 2014, the number of Australian businesses steadily increased. The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) has found that business entry rates went up while exit rates decreased. The majority of these businesses have four employees or less, so instead of hiring out an expensive office space, why not look at building […]

Feeding livestock in a drought with your shed

The conditions in Australia can fluctuate wildly, as many of you will know. Melbourne can see scorching heat, heavy rain and wild lightning all in a day, while parts of the outback can be as prone to flooding as they are to drought. Dealing with the extremely dry conditions that can plague parts of Australia […]