Benefits of our Complete Project Service

We take pride in ensuring you are looked after throughout your project.  As licensed and insured builders we want to make your project as "hassle free" as possible.  Our complete project service includes handling your job from start to finish including concrete floor and construction by us (further details below).  We truly are a one-stop builder!

  • Having one company involved with your building project from beginning to end comes with many benefits.First and foremost, working with Shed Boss means doing away with the stress and time-consumption that comes from working with multiple organisations for different steps in the building process.
  • For your peace of mind, our written contract includes the materials, concrete and construction of your project.
  • The confusion that can come with working with different building companies is a non-issue, as you'll only be dealing with us from design to construction.
  • You'll be kept informed of the progress of your project every step of the way.
  • Most importantly, you’ll deal with a local shed builder who genuinely cares about your project and offers unparalleled professionalism and customer service, on time and to budget.

After reviewing various options, I chose Shed Boss Fleurieu due to their use of more robust materials. My project manager Jim was very prompt and helpful. The team was efficient, (especially with Council), tidy and built my shed with very good standard of workmanship

JohnHeathfield, South Australia

DIY Shed Kit Option

We can supply you with the kit (materials) delivered to site, along  with site-specific certified plans and drawings, concrete slab plans, plus a Construction DVD and Manual if you choose to obtain Council approvals, prepare the site, concrete and construct your shed yourself.

Our complete project service includes:

We custom design and obtain Council approvals

  • Designing your building in accordance with the site-specific design wind speed requirements in as required by your local Council.
  • Certificates of Design Compliance in accordance with South Australian Development Act - Regulation 88.
  • Site and project-specific plans and drawings certified by 2 independent structural engineers (no generic plans!).
  • We apply for Council development approval (building rules consent and planning rules consent) in our name, as your builder -  rather than in your name – this means you avoid the liabilities that come with being an owner-builder.
  • Determining any easements or encumbrances that apply to your property.
  • Obtain water and sewerage diagrams and all other approvals from the appropriate authorities, such as the local council and water authority
  • Determining the most appropriate setback distance from boundaries.
  • Determining the location of underground infrastructure with Dial Before you Dig
  • Establishing an AHD datum level for finished floor levels.

We arrange site preparation

  • Arrange earthworks to prepare a level site, ensuring  there is a compacted road base of at least 90% compaction (please note, our initial proposal will be based on the assumption of an existing, level site and does not include the cost of site preparation, which is arranged after we obtain Council approval).
  • Auger holes for our hot-dipped galvanised footing brackets.

We pour the concrete floor first, as required for the  COLORBOND™ warranty

  • Pour the concrete floor prior to construction: for most domestic buildings, we will pour a 100mm 25mpa  concrete floor with F62 mesh on plastic and chairs (higher specification available/mpa available depending on the class and use of your building).

We project manage and build your shed

  • Our project manager will be your one point of contact throughout your project and as a licensed building supervisor, will ensure that your project is built on time, to budget and without any hassles.
  • For your safety and convenience, we'll arrange for all building materials to be kept securely at our depot until building works are ready to commence. '
  • We'll insure all materials and the building itself until your project has reached completion.
  • For your peace of mind, we will ensure that building indemnity insurance has been taken out if building work is contracted for $12,000 or more and where council approval is required. This mandatory insurance protects you for non-completion of the building works due to our death, disappearance or insolvency.

Having built hundreds over the past several years, we have a reputation for getting the job done on time, to budget, with no worries. You can see what our customers have to say about us by checking out our TESTIMONIALS PAGE.

By choosing Shed Boss Fleurieu to complete your project, you don’t have to take on the risk of being an “owner builder” 

Entering into arrangements with a shed salesperson who will only  “assist” you with your Council application (in your name) whilst still "managing" the project for you;  then you're likely to be legally considered  an owner builder which could put you at risk as you will ultimately be responsible for the all of the building work, without the protection afforded by choosing a qualified and licensed builder.

You could also be at risk of being an owner builder if your shed salesperson is just supplying and charging you for the the shed kit only (materials), and "referring" you to tradespeople with an “estimate” of the construction/slab cost.

An investigation conducted jointly by the Building Commission and the Plumbing Industry Commission has revealed some shed companies are trying to get around the rules by telling consumers to become owner-builders when applying for a building permit and are then using or arranging for unlicensed or unregistered tradespeople to do the work, leaving the client with all the legal headaches and little recourse for shoddy work.

Important questions to ask:

  • Are you a licensed builder? Being a qualified builder doesn't just mean having knowledge and experience, it means being licensed by the Office of Consumer and Business Affairs to build your shed. Check whether a person or company is licensed to do the job on the Office of Consumer and Business Affairs website.  When hiring building work contractors, sub-contractors or tradespeople, an owner-builder needs to be aware of statutory requirements for licences, contracts and insurance.
  • How are you designing and building for my site? The actual building is only one part of the construction equation. The site it's being built on just as vital to consider. At Shed Boss, we know how important it is to design for specific sites, building to suit the needs of our clients and their land. Sites also affect the types of  Council permits that may be required, a process Shed Boss is more than happy to assist with.
  • Will you require a deposit of more than $1000?  The law prohibits the taking of any deposit on a domestic building Work contract in excess of $1 000, or if the contract price is over $20 000, 5% of the contract price. If in doubt, seek advice before making any payments.
  • Can you show me some testimonials and recommendations from customers you've worked with? It is important to choose a builder with a good reputation.  You can view some of our customer testimonials by clicking here.
  • Can you provide me with the mandatory form that outlines my rights as a consumer? Form 1/Schedule 3 “ NOTICE UNDER SECTION 28(1) (f) OF BUILDING WORK CONTRACTORS ACT 1995” is a form outlines your rights as a consumer under the protections of the Building Work Contractors Regulations 2011: namely that any building Work must be performed in a proper manner to accepted trade standards and in accordance with the agreed plans and specifications; the Goods supplied by the building Work contractor will be good and proper; and the building Work will be performed in accordance with all statutory requirements.
  • Do I pay you for the construction and concrete works? If you have to pay the concreter and construction separate to the supply of the shed kit, you could end up being an Owner Builder.
  • Can you show me some projects that you've built that are similar to my shed design? By looking at some recently completed work, you can decide if the builder is suited to your needs.  Never buy a sight unseen, your builder should also have a picture portfolio and buildings on display to showcase their work.
  • Will there be a written contract between us that that includes the concrete and construction work?  Be wary of promises or prices not included in a written contract.  It’s important that you check to see that the concrete and construction work has been fully and accurately set out in a written contract, which entitles you to the guarantees and consumer protections of the Building Work Contractors Act.   Do not rely upon verbal promises or agreements, prices written in brochures, prices written on receipts or on the back of the business card. Without a written contract that includes materials, concrete and construction, what guarantee do you have that the price you were quoted is the price you actually end up paying?
  • Do you have a contract works insurance and public liability insurance that will cover the construction and concrete work until the building is completed?  A builders' Contract Works Insurance will cover any loss or damage to your shed whilst it's under construction. For example, if during construction materials are stolen from site, or storm damage occurs - the Contract Works Insurance policy of the builder will cover such losses.
  • Am I protected by a Builders Indemnity Insurance policy? (mandatory if the total value of the work exceeds $12,000). You need to make sure your builder issues you a Certificate of Currency for Home Indemnity Insurance before construction commences. This covers you for financial loss should the builder die, become insolvent or do a runner. It is important to note that Building Indemnity Insurance can only be taken out by a person, business or company that holds a builder’s licence. Owner-builders cannot obtain Building Indemnity Insurance.
  • Will you apply and pay for Council Development Approval? As we have described in detail at the top of this page, as part of our complete project service Shed Boss Fleurieu can obtain Development Approval to build your project.
  • Will your name be on the Council application as the builder? There is a distinct legal difference between an “applicant” (the person submitting the development application), and the “builder” (who is responsible for all work).