Creating a shed that is safe for the kids

Safety is paramount when you work in any environment, but particularly when your places of living and work have some overlap.

This can be the case if you construct a customised Shed Boss building on your property.

While safe work practices are very important, this crossover means you should also look to childproofing your shed if you have young ones. Curiosity can get the better of kids, but here are some tips to make sure they won't be in harms way around your shed.

Hands away

One of the easiest ways to keep a shed safe for children is to keep dangerous objects out of reach. If you have power tools, they should be unplugged and hung up high, as should sharper items. To keep heavier objects safely out of reach, you could consider a mezzanine floor from Shed Boss as a storage space.

Lock and key

When you engage Shed Boss for a custom build, you'll have a say in every aspect of your construction – and that includes what style of your door. Checking the best way to lock this is a great way to keep prying young hands away from your shed. Regular doors may just need a bar, while sliding options could require a padlock. Find out what works best and make your work shed safe and secure.


If you are using flammable or toxic chemicals, it pays to install a lockable cabinet during construction that can house these. Make sure it is appropriate material for the substances, and that it cannot leak or be opened easily by a child.

With these handy hints, you will rest easy knowing your workplace shed is a safe space for your young ones.

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