Creative uses for a custom-designed carport

If you are thinking of building a custom-designed garage or shed on your property, why not consider a carport instead? Carports not only protect your vehicles from the harsh Australian weather and are an eye-catching extension of your home, but are also adaptable to many other functions. Whether for personal or commercial use, carports can be utilised in many creative ways, such as a social entertainment area or to display retail goods for your shop front.

One of the brilliant bonuses of installing a carport in your residence is that you can use it as an extension of your home during the summer.

One of the brilliant bonuses of installing a carport in your residence is that you can use it as an extension of your home during the summer.

Storage or show-off?

As a wall-less structure, carports can accommodate wider and bigger dimensions, allowing you to show off your assets without the need to build a whole garage.

How about an open greenhouse? Line the side of the building with shelves of potted plants and hang baskets of vines off the supporting posts for a relaxing garden retreat. Find a plush armchair to settle into with a book, and you've got yourself the perfect, peaceful paradise.

For commercial purposes, carports can be used as an outdoor retail display, which also adds value to your property. As an extension for the front of your business, similar to an awning, carports are great for florists, bakeries, and retail stands, among many other uses. The ideas for a shop front carport are endless, and with our range of COLORBOND® steel colours, they can be an attractive feature to entice bargain-hunting customers into the cool shade of a steel roof.

Parking, parties and protection

Of course, having a roof over your vehicles or equipment provides protection from the blistering Australian heat and rainfall. This not only protects paint-fade and sun damage on your assets, but can also keep away birds, which are not only a nuisance but whose excrement can also lead to further paint damage.

Protect yourself with a carport also. Why not turn it into an outdoor entertainment area? Set up a few deck chairs and a picnic table to create your very own personal ground floor social area, protected from the Australian sun.

This is a great idea for you and your friends to enjoy parties and barbecues in the summer, especially for those who don't have a large backyard or a deck. The Australian Cancer Council declares Australia as having one of the highest rates of skin cancer in the world. The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare predicts Melanoma skin cancer to be the fourth most commonly diagnosed type of cancer in Australia this year, having come fourth in 2011. So, as urged by the Cancer Council, seek shade when possible, and make the most of your custom-designed carport.

Businesses can also install carports for staff and customer carparks. Customers can shop with peace of mind knowing that they won't return to a stuffy hot vehicle, or have to unload their sale finds in the pouring rain.

Shed Boss Garaport 10.5Lx7.6Wx3H

The best of both worlds - a Shed Boss Garaport combines both a shed and a carport in one building

Save time in style

As they aren't contained units, carports are generally faster to construct than a shed or a garage. Use our handy Shed Boss app to design and customise your own carport. You can generate a 3D depiction of your desired carport, suited to match your house or business. Due to the simple structure of a carport, you don't need to spend as much time accommodating for size either.

If you are still set on building a custom shed for your business or home, the app features an "add garaport" option that allows you to add carports on either end of your custom shed.

The Shed Boss Fleurieu team has years of experience under our belt, ensuring your carport construction is as hassle-free as possible. Get a free quote today

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