Mezzanine Floor

If you are building a larger custom designed shed, there are some great options available for getting the most out of the space. One such method is by installing a mezzanine floor, which is an elevated area between the floor and ceiling. It can be a small storage area just as easily as it can be an upstairs office – it depends on available space and what you want from your shed!


Here are some common uses for a mezzanine floor.

Super storage

One of the immediate benefits of a mezzanine floor is that it can effectively double the amount of space in your shed. By adding what can be a second floor, you allow for extra storage of equipment and machinery – which is particularly useful if you do not have much land area to work with.

Raise your relaxation

Another useful function for a mezzanine floor is as an office space. If you run a workshop of industrial tasks out of a shed, a mezzanine floor for an office can be ideal to conduct admin affairs away from the noise and bustle of the workshop itself.

Workers could also use the area for smoko and lunch breaks, depending on the space available – if the structure allows it, maybe even install a pool table!

Positive production

On the other hand, you can always use a mezzanine as a work space while the bottom floor is used as admin space. Depending on your use for a shed, the mezzanine can simply be used to expand production, allowing your business to get even more done.

The benefits of a mezzanine floor in your shed a varied and numerous – talk to us about how a mezzanine can fit into your plans.