Roof Pitch

One of the benefits of Shed Boss buildings is the option to change the  pitch and slope of the steel roofing. By changing the dimensions of the building and the degree at which it sits, you can create a roof that matches your wants and needs wonderfully.

Gable Roof 

As the gable roof is effectively two large pieces slanted together and attached, it is a very simple design – which forms a large part of its popularity.   This makes a slightly triangular shape, and is a classic of many sheds, garages and residential homes. Whether you decide to have a steep pitch or for your gable to be more level, the gable roof will still have the sloping on either side. This performs a great function in that it diverts rain away from your shed, preventing heavy build-ups of natural material that could be a heavy load in the long-term. When you construct a shed with a gable roof, you are giving yourself that little bit of extra space that could make all the difference. A vaulted ceiling is not just visually impressive from the inside of a shed, it is a way of adding space and value where you otherwise might not have. By installing a mezzanine floor you might be able to take advantage of this space and create an attic area, or perhaps just add more storage room.

Skillion Roof 

The facade of the shed should evoe the sleek, minimalist lines of the industrial trend, and the skillion roof is an excellent way to achieve this. As a mono-pitched roof, this slants on one angle only, in keeping with a sharp and stylish industrial appearance.  You can even choose the exact incline of the roof during your planning by specifying the angle for the skillion roof. To further accentuate this trend, consider adding horizontal cladding to evoke corrugated iron. You can also think about adding a front garaport. Its tall, linear poles add to the industrialised look and also offer practical shelter for parking a car.
Skillion is skilled for solar
The cost-effectiveness of solar panels in Australia benefits both residential and commercial sheds, especially ones that have a skillion or mono-pitched roof.  Because all our structures are completely customisable, you can even choose the precise angle of the incline for your skillion roof, which in turn will enable you to perfectly align the roof's plane to the shape, size and scale of your solar PV panels.