Roof and Wall Steel Cladding Profiles


CORRUGATED Hi-tensile Steel (0.42 BMT): Still favoured for traditional styled housing, it is also the first choice for contemporary sheds roofs, and can also be used for wall cladding.


MONOCLAD Hi-Tensile Steel (0.42 BMT): This is the most popular wall cladding on our buildings.

Some of the benefits of installing steel wall and roof cladding for your shed include:

1) Durability

One of the main benefits of installing a corrugated metal roof is its durability. This type of roof can withstand a wide range of different elements and weather conditions, making them perfect for the potential rough exposure they'll get in parts of regional Australia. Don't let the lightweight of the material fool you; metal roofing is extremely strong. Furthermore, it's also non-combustible and offers a high degree of flame resistance for your shed – making it a material that's perfect for housing livestock, supplies and other farming equipment safely. Corrugated roofs also tend to be rust resistant and have no vulnerability to the ravages of insects that can cause damage to structures – such as termites. This means you can reduce the amount of time and money spent on repairs in the future.

2) Installation speed

Considering the lightweight of the material, corrugated roofing for your custom designed shed is also extremely time-convenient and can be installed quickly. While other roofing materials can take a while due to their weight or multiple parts, the corrugated option can simply be placed and secured.

3) Attractive and slim

Finally, corrugated roofing can look fantastic on the top of your shed. The sleek design and simple, wavy pattern can offer a simple, satisfactory aesthetic to your shed that keep it looking great for longer. These are just some of the benefits that can come from installing a corrugated roof on your custom designed shed. Get in contact with the team at Shed Boss to begin discussing the construction options available to you.