If you are constructing a four-walled shed or barn on your property, adding some features to let sunlight in can be a great way to create a great indoor environment. Depending on the size, it can let a huge amount of natural sunlight into a shed, which is essential if you will be using the building for human or animal housing or work.


Building regulations require safety mesh to be fitted under translucent roof cladding

The Skylight Industry Association (SIA) also notes that skylights provide what they call "cool light", which means you get the brightness of the sun, but without the heat of many kinds of artificial lighting – resulting in a soft, diffused usable light to filter throughout your shed, with no uncomfortable glare and with an impact strength of up to 150 times that of tempered glass.

As you can see from the picture below, skylights can also be installed on the walls.


Skylights can also be a sustainable option for your construction, with the SIA Code of Practice also noting that skylights replacing artificial lighting can cut down on energy bills. This doesn't just save money, but the organisation says it can promote mental wellbeing and quality of life in a shed.

With so many benefits to be found, a skylight should absolutely be considered for your next custom shed or garage construction.