Customising a shed for kids

From crop storage to rural office, there is almost no task a Shed Boss custom-built building cannot perform for you. And that goes for these oddball ideas as well! If you have space on your property and want to try something new, perhaps consider these out-of-the-box plans for a shed.

Indoor sports arena

As any parent can tell you, boys will always be boys. From the practice kicks in the backyard to some rough and tumble play fighting, their energy can often seem limitless. But have the kids got their own space to play in? A well-fitted out shed could be the answer – a Shed Boss Garaport also adds an element of cover right next to your home.

By providing kids with their own safe space they can play to their hearts content in a sturdy, safe building. Boisterous boys will be able to practice their speccies any time of the year. Maybe you will have a budding football star on your hands!

Science lab and workshop

Have you got a budding scientist of a young daughter or son? Perhaps they could benefit from having a shed space where they can play doctor or physicist! Of course, make sure everything is safe with Shed Boss specialists and perhaps put those Bunsen burners away, but with a space to be creative, you never know what kids can come up with.

After all, Marie Curie did Nobel Prize-winning work from her own shed over 100 years ago – perhaps a play shed laboratory could see your small one join these elite ranks!

By thinking a little bit outside the box with your custom-built shed designs, there is limitless potential to what you can do. Built to stand against the elements, you can give Shed Boss Fleurieu your specifications and they will do the rest for you. Whether your child wants to be a science whiz or a sporting superstar, there is a way that we can help foster those dreams!

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