Does shed orientation make a difference?

When you're looking into purchasing your own custom designed shed, one thing you may not have considered is the direction your new installation will face. There are a number of benefits to doing just this, with different property orientations potentially changing a wide range of factors to do with your shed's atmosphere and climate.


When considering the location of your shed, the building orientation can impact the amount of free natural heating, cooling and lighting you will receive. For example,  placing windows on the northern side of your shed will allow for the maximum amount of sunlight to penetrate your garage during winter whilst eve overhangs can prevent the sun from glaring into your shed during summer due to the high angle of the sun.

This principle also needs to be observed for those interested in solar power. By putting your panels on the northern side of the building, you'll ensure you get the most out of each day's sunlight – maximising the power output of your solar power installation.

Keep an eye out for the position of your shed with relation to cooling winds in the summer. If you build it where the breeze is obstructed, it could become an extremely warm environment during the already scorching Australian summer.

Choice of Colours

During the hot Australian summer, the temperature of a light coloured roof can be up to 35°C cooler than a dark coloured roof. The benefits of light coloured (high solar reflectance) roofs are recognised in the Building Code of Australia.

These are just some things to consider when building your own custom designed shed. Keeping you and your family comfortable should be a main priority when it comes to creating a residential garage at your home.

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