Your site now needs to be prepared by an earthmover:  Getting the site level and  accessible to us in all weather is an essential part of ensuring that your project stays on budget and on time. If the earthworks is not done properly (or at all), the cost of the extra concrete used will be in addition to your contract price.  Also keep in mind, that as concrete trucks, vehicles and trailers will soon be on site, we will need to have all weather track access to your shed site (this means that the we must be able to move all vehicles, machinery, equipment and materials freely over the site).

Please contact us if you would like a referral to a local earthmover and we will help arrange the site preparation for you.

Or, if you already have an earthmover in mind, please ensure they:

  • Have a copy of your approved site plan and verify all set back dimensions;
  • Conduct a Dial Before You Dig search to locate underground services;
  • Remove all vegetation and deleterious matter, topsoil, organic matter and soft spots throughout the area of the slab and remove all boulders and rocks within 100mm of the slab underside;
  • Ensure that the cut surface is compacted at 95% standard compaction and consisting of at least 50mm compacted sand levelling bed or approved similar;
  • Ensure the site is level (to a tolerance of 5mm), otherwise additional concrete charges will apply (we recommend the earthmover use a bob cat with a laser level to achieve this);
  • Ensure that the site is protected from being extremely wet by adequate attention to site drainage and ensuring that the finished height of the pad allows adequate site drainage;
  • Extend the pad apron perimeter at least 500mm on all sides (at least 3000mm for commercial buildings) and provide a 100mm fall min. away from the building over the first meter;
  • Where cut and/or fill in excess of 300mm is required, retaining walls or other suitable soil retention devices will need to be employed. The site can be cut and filled and the fill will need to continue past the edge of the building by at least 1000mm and must be retained or battered beyond this point by a slope protected from erosion and not steeper than two horizontal to one vertical;
  • Controlled fill up to 800mm deep for sand, and 400mm deep for material other than sand shall be the same as natural site material. Sand fill shall be well compacted in not more than 300mm thick layers by a vibrating plate or roller. Non-sand fill must be well compacted in not more than 150mm layers by a mechanical roller.