Ensuring your custom designed shed’s structural integrity

At Shed Boss, we build strong and we build right. That's another way of saying we're dedicated to construction projects that are structurally sound and will stand the test of time. This involves taking care of  the complete project from design to council approvals, concreting and construction and using only the highest quality materials.


We are the builders that specialise in all things sheds, and that includes designs that meet site specific requirements while also focusing on great-looking buildings that maximise cost-effectiveness.

Shed Boss is there from the very beginning, and by working with our talented designers, you can ensure your building will be both structurally sound and suited to your needs.

Site compliance

The site of your building has a lot do with its structural integrity, which is why we determine the site-specific design wind speed  to ensure we've assessed all the requirements for your particular project.

Not only is this an essential part of obtaining Council Development Approval, it guarantees that your building site will support your custom designed shed.

Premium materials

A structurally sound shed requires building materials that will stand up to the elements. That's why we at Shed Boss utilise only the finest Australian building materials in addition to our patented shed building system designs.

This includes our Morinda™  Glove Section Bracket System, which includes fully wrap around knee and apex joints that are made from heavy galvanised steel.

In addition, we source materials locally to help keep local businesses and economies thriving.

COLORBOND® is a registered Trade Mark of BlueScope Steel Limited.

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