Extra extravaganza part 2: How Shed Boss extras can improve your shed

Welcome back to our handy guide on the extensive range of Shed Boss extras!

In our last post, we told you all about mezzanine floors, fire rated walls, insulation, vermin flashing and skylights, as well as mentioned a bunch of interesting stats and facts on how these can help your residential or commercial sheds.

Now it's time to launch into the extra extravaganza part 2!

Roller Remotes

Saunter into your garage in style with a roller remote. There's no better way to come back home after a long, enjoyable road trip and simply touch a button on your roller remote to roll on over into your warm, welcoming garage. Technology has made life so much easier, and this simple extra is a great example of how remote-controlled gadgets can streamline your lifestyle.

Shed Boss Fleurieu provides automatic roller doors, typically 2.75 metres wide and similarly high. But, in the spirit of true customisation, these can go as large as 5 metres in length, width and height. Read more about our roller door options. 

Personal Access Door 

If you're considering an automated roller door, you should also think about a personal access door for your shed, ensuring access during a power failure.

Our Personal Access doors feature a single skin metal clad door with fold-down vertical sides, offering peace of mind as they are almost impossible to break into. They look good too - on a welded and powder-coated  RHS frame, the door is pre-hung in your choice of COLORBOND™ colours.

Roof Pitch -  perfect for solar panels

One of the benefits of Shed Boss buildings is the option to change the pitch and slope of the steel roofing. By changing the dimensions of the building and the degree at which it sits, you can create a roof that matches your wants and needs wonderfully.


Contact the friendly team at Shed Boss Fleurieu to discover how your shed can be custom designed just for you.

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