Famous creators with custom designed sheds

We've had a look at some gigantic sheds to inspire your own, but what about whether your own shed will inspire you? Across human history, many people have invented, painted, written and created some incredibly famous works from the comfort of their own custom designed shed. If you've been searching for the perfect space from which to write the next great Australian novel, or perhaps to create your sculptural masterpiece, then a new workshop from Shed Boss Fleurieu could be just what you need. Here are some famous figures from history who have benefited from a shed!

George Bernard Shaw

Acclaimed Irish author George Bernard Shaw is responsible for works that have been read, re-read and adapted to the point where you probably know his work in one form or another, even if you aren't aware of it. For example, his play Pygmalion was the basis for the film My Fair Lady, as well as the inspiration for classic 90s teen film She's All That. People of all ages will recognise the tropes and characters he developed.

But what many people might not recognise is the tiny shed from which Shaw produced much of his work! With a telephone connected to his main house, a bed and a desk, he wrote Pygmalion and many other works from the comfort of his own shed.

The greatest feature of this, however, was the base. The custom designed shed sat on a rotating base, which allowed Shaw to enjoy the sun all day long. It's a genius move that we bet a lot of people would kill for!

Roger Waters

Classic rock always has a lot of mythology to it. There are the occult leanings of Led Zeppelin, or legendary stories about Ozzy Osbourne's eating habits. Roger Waters from Pink Floyd, however, has one story that's much less dangerous – writing from his shed.

While creating the seminal classic album Dark Side of the Moon, Waters recorded many of his demos from the comfort of his Islington garden shed. We wonder if he employed any of the tips that we suggest when you want to manage noise in your shed!

Additions like insulation can be ideal for masking the sound of, say, Waters playing the iconic riff from 'Money'. It's the sort of thing you can implement in your building when you check out the Shed Boss App on your iPhone or Android!

Roald Dahl

At one point or another, we have all fallen in love with a Roald Dahl book. Matilda captured the imagination of anyone who felt bullied, while the escapist fantasy of The Minpins often has kids dreaming out loud for months. And where did these colourful stories originate? A custom designed shed - where else?

The tiny building could hardly house Dahl himself, according to AnOther magazine. The feature even says that Dahl's original hip bone was installed as one of the door handles! That's not a feature we can add to your custom designed workshop, we're afraid.

So there you go – so many famous names that all created their masterpieces from even the smallest of garden sheds! They might have been restricted by circumstance, but you don't have to be. When you work with Shed Boss Fleurieu, we can make a construction that suits your space to the millimetre, and will be connected up electricity and water if you so desire as well.

Make sure to look at the Shed Boss App first, to get a feel for exactly what you can do with your building and then come to us to discuss how to make it a reality.

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