Forget man caves: Enter Shed Boss ‘she sheds’

When discussing the classic back yard custom designed shed, garage or workshop, the term 'man cave' sure does come up a lot. However, this is rather excluding of the fairer sex, isn't it? Certainly, there is no shortage of contemporary women who are looking to get their hands a little dirty playing with some tools, or simply looking for a place to escape normalcy and relax in peace.

So on that note, is there a man cave alternative for women to build in their back yards? Well, yes. It's called a 'she shed', and one of these beauties could be the next best investment for your lifestyle.

Here are some she shed tips to help you get started.

Designed to suit

It's important that your own personal hideaway looks and feels exactly the way you want it. This isn't just about the decor or the furniture that you pack into it, either. The atmosphere of a she shed begins with the very foundation itself, and extends up through your steel walls and into the ceiling. Everything should be to your liking, right from day one.

So how do you achieve this personalised quality? By designing your own shed, of course.

The handy Shed Boss app is an easy-to-use  program that can be accessed on your PC, or downloaded for free to your  mobile device in the Apple or Android app stores. When you turn it on, you'll be able to select which product you'd like to begin with (shed, barn, carport – you name it), then adjust the size. Do you want a petit 3-metre-squared number, or do you have the space to dream a little larger? It's entirely up to you.

What will you use it for?

A good question to ask before you start moving in is what you intend to use the shed for. For example, a shed to store all your garden tools will look very different inside to one designed for your artistic masterpieces.

If you're not sure what you want the she shed for, why not take the opportunity to pick up a new hobby? According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, there were more females than males in 2007 who regularly performed craft activities, at a rate of 628,000 to 332,100 people. There are more female painters, too, outnumbering males 335,300 to 127,000. Getting the inspiration to pick up the paintbrush or glue gun in the home can be hard, especially if kids are constantly demanding your attention or getting in the way. But in your own private space, anything can happen.

Of course, no hobby is restricted to the one gender, so if you'd prefer to pick up a saw and start building your own furniture, go for it! It'll certainly save you money if you need a new coffee table.

A part of your home, now and forever

You don't need to just dump the shed in the middle of your lawn, however. Why not make it a part of your garden? Now could be the best time to build up that new raised planter you've always wanted, as a colourful, fragrant backdrop to your shed.

You will need to maintain this, however, as well as the shed itself.

The high-quality BlueScope Steel products we utilise are designed to suit your property's specific needs, and can withstand the sometimes-powerful Australian weather. However, you still need to keep it clean and tidy, and ensure nobody damages it (we're looking at you, meddling husband).

In addition, you will also have to give it a wash every three to six months or so, especially in those areas where the rain can't reach. Avoid using harsh chemicals, though – fresh water will do fine for the most part.

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