Shed Boss Garaports

Our range of cost effective Shed Boss Garaports combine the security of a garage and the versatility of a carport all under the same roof, with your choice of our contemporary skillion or traditional gable roof.

Built strong and built right using the premium quality galvanised and COLORBOND®  steel products, our attractive, professionally engineered range of Garaports will withstand Australia's demanding environment and are custom designed with flexibility and versatile outdoor space creation in mind.

Garaports are ideal for:

  • Caravans, boats and trailers as a higher clearance can be achieved in the open section.
  • Creating an additional outdoor entertaining area.
  • Adding value to your property by creating additional undercover storage area.

Outdoor opportunities

An Australian's home is their castle, so it only makes sense to build an outdoor sanctuary that allows you to take in the streaming sunshine and cool breeze in your own backyard.

In addition to providing enclosed, secure storage space, the open space of the Garaport offers the ideal space in which to relax after a long day and also present a great opportunity for entertaining guests. Why opt for a boring old dinner party when you can hang up some lights and bring the festivities outside?

Custom solutions

Every home and its needs are different, which is why we at ShedBoss Fleurieu are dedicated to custom designs for our clients.

Regardless of your needs, you can be sure that our designers and builders will build strong, build right and keep you updated on construction every step of the way.

All garaports feature:

  • Stramit® 0.42 BMT Roof and Wall Cladding (Monoclad or Corrugated)

  • Built in accordance with COLORBOND® warranty
  • Exclusive Morinda™ Glove Section Bracket System for unequalled strength and durability
  • Superior Hot dipped galvanised footing brackets
  • COLORBOND® gutters in your choice of colours
  • Class 4 “Marine Grade” fasteners: high quality self tapping screws with a leak free neoprene washer seal
  • Site specific design wind speed: engineered and certified for your site conditions and usage needs, as required for Council approval
  • Certificates of Design Compliance in accordance with South Australian Development Act - Regulation 88