Get the Shed Boss edge in a crowded property market

If you hadn't noticed, we are currently in the midst of a property boom. This is largely because land supply hasn't been keeping up with property sales, pushing up the demand for real estate.

In fact, the Housing Industry Association has noted that regional and capital city markets are now seeing their highest prices ever! What this high demand means is that lots of buyers are looking for the right property. If you've got one eye on selling down the line, then there are a lot of ways to make your property stand out – including through a custom designed shed. Here's how the Shed Boss range of products can help you get the most out of a property.

By creating an outdoor space

We have already discussed how a shed awning can be exactly what you need to create a wonderful alfresco living or dining area, but it's important to consider the value they can add to your property as well.

The Australian government's YourHome website notes that effective shading and the creation of outdoor spaces can reduce intense heat, cut down on your energy bills as well as add a great deal of comfort to your property. Clearly, the right awning or patio can be a very attractive addition, and something people are likely to look for when they seek out a property.

Contacting Shed Boss Fleurieu to discuss quote options  could be the first step on the way to lifting your home head and shoulders above everyone else on the market. Indoor-outdoor flow is something that will interest many people in search of a home.

Increasing storage

Let's face it: We all probably have more items than we need. Childhood relics, spare clothes we can't get rid of, that bicycle that we swore we would start riding as a New Year's resolution – it all adds up. And while the best idea is often to just get rid of all of your old items, sometimes it isn't feasible, and storage is necessary.

Enter the custom designed garage. When you pick up your phone and use the Shed Boss App, you can tweak the dimensions of your shed design as you see fit, add internals walls, work out if you want a mezzanine, and add doors and windows wherever you need. You can sculpt a shed that works perfectly as a storage unit for all of these old items, which will be sure to add value and be enticing for anyone looking at your home.

Protecting vehicles

Whether it's a 1976 Firebird or a Nissan Sunny, cars need the right protection. If you currently don't have a carport or custom designed garage on your property, then working with Shed Boss Fleurieu to add one can be a great way to make your home more attractive. It means people don't have to source their own car protection solutions, and with roller remotes and locking doors, our sheds could also provide a certain level of security.

Everyone is looking for different things when they seek out a property, but there is sure to be a function that a Shed Boss building can perform that enables you to add value and attractiveness to your land, making it something everyone in the area wants to own.

You can use the Shed Boss App and undertake the subsequent questionnaire to work out if a custom designed shed works for your property, or call the Fleurieu team on (08) 8552 9092.  We'll help to find a solution that makes your house a bright spot in today's busy property market – which could fetch you a handy profit.

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