Getting the best out of your commercial space

When you think about sheds, generally the images conjured up are the practical uses – harvest storage, parking equipment and looking after stock. But when you work with Shed Boss, you get a fully customisable service that caters to a wide range of needs – and this includes building you the perfect commercial or retail showroom.

Split the space

When you get a custom building with Shed Boss Fleurieu, nothing is off-limits. If you want to split your commercial space up for different sale areas or a private office, we can do that. Keeping an upstairs office area, or just want an engaging heightened visual component? We will construct a mezzanine floor to suit. Our experienced specialists also use Morinda™ bracket systems, and their load-bearing capabilities ensure that your split levels and compartments won't just look great, they will be exceptionally durable.

Getting your best side

With a wide range of door options, we can get you the best presentation for your commercial shed. We can work with your needs and the surrounding features to get the best orientation for the shed and the openings. Varied window options mean you can have as much natural light as you want.

Seeing you through to the end

By contacting us, you don't just get the best locally made shed on the market.  Whether you're selling farm vehicles, looking for an open space to bulk sell products or want to try an attractive and durable alternative for your rural retail, Shed Boss will see you right.


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