How can a shed help your hobby farm?

If you want a slice of the rural lifestyle without the large-scale management that comes with running a dairy farm, then a hobby farm might be the path for you. Also known as a small lifestyle farm, they can be a great way to cultivate your own crops or perhaps rear a small group of animals. Whatever the reason for starting one up, you are sure to need a fantastic custom designed rural shed to get right into the swing of things. Here are a few ways that the great range of Shed Boss products can help out a hobby farm.

Animal shelter

Depending on what tickles your fancy, you might be interested in having a small amount of animals on your farm. Whether it's chickens roaming free, some lambs or goats, perhaps even a small number of calves, you will need to provide shelter for them. The Australian heat can be just as dangerous for livestock as it can for humans, so creating appropriate shelter and shade is important.

A customised shed could be an effective way of creating shade, while contacting Shed Boss Fleurieu to design a larger barn is also a fantastic idea, especially for the winter months. With insulation and customisable doors and ventilation, a barn can keep animals cool in the summer ,while also providing adequate protection and warmth during the colder months.

Unsure if an animal shelter will fit on your land? Check your local council's planning laws around creating sheds, and draw up your plans in our innovative new Shed Boss App. You can enter measurements to the millimetre and work out exactly what is going where, watching your design come to life on the screen. Except for the animals themselves, of course!

Rural Sheds

A multi use animal shelter built by Shed Boss Fleurieu

Housing vehicles and equipment

If your hobby farming goal is to grow crops, then you are likely going to need some heavy duty equipment. Tractors are a useful tool for preparing soil, dragging posts about, as well as for general transport and maintenance around the farm. Of course, these will need protection just as your animals will.

A custom designed shed or garage can weather the elements with the Shedsafe™ protection, and house this type of vehicle easily. You may need specific tractor attachments for your space as well, even if you are working on a small scale. Better to get it done right, we say! So with this in mind, make sure a shed or other type of customised shelter is in your plans for a hobby farm.

Shed Boss Rural

We can custom design your rural shed to protect your farm implements.

Do the brew

Of course, one popular use for hobby farming is to grow fruit and create a micro-brewery for craft ciders, or other beverages that have been trending and growing in popularity across the country. Just take a look around your next farmers market, and notice the bountiful range of farm-made drinks and foods for sale.

If you are conducting home brew activities as part of your hobby farm, it pays to have a separate space like a custom designed shed to get this done. Not only can the equipment take up precious space in your home, but the smell may not be palatable to everyone nearby. By creating your own detached shelter space for this, you can have your very own microbrewery area, and enjoy the full process of creating your own product without impinging on the space of others.

Hobby farms come in all shapes and sizes, most of which require some kind of shelter or shade. Come and speak to the team at Shed Boss Fleurieu about what designs could work for your hobby farm plans, and we will help you bring it to life.

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