How does a custom designed shed save you money?

We all know the old adage 'you have to spend money to make money', but what about spending money to save money?

When it comes to planning and building a custom designed shed, there are many ways you can save money in the long run. The numerous features available to you as well as the efficient expertise you get from our localised teams means that working with Shed Boss Fleurieu is one short-term investment to bring you many benefits in the years to come . Let's see where you can save down the line.

Reducing heat gain – and energy bills

According to the Federal government's YourHome website, heat gain can be a real problem in the warmer months. This is where heat waves pass through the windows and walls of your home, only to become re-radiated heat around the house. This has a different wavelength to the initial heat, and is more easily trapped inside.

This can cause problems with overheating the home, requiring extensive use of air conditioners or heat pumps to mitigate the warmth. However, putting up outdoor awnings in the right position could be a fantastic way to reduce this problem. Verandas, pergolas and awnings are all recommended as ways of shading windows and other spots where heat can penetrate the home, which could be very handy for your power bills for the long-term.

On top of this, choosing a light colour can reflect up to 70 per cent of the heat gain your home experiences in summer. Building a custom designed garage, awning or barn with Shed Boss Fleurieu means your construction will be developed with COLORBOND® steel. This opens up a world of fantastic colours including light, breezy shades such as Pale Eucalypt or Evening Haze.

You can have a close look at these colours when you access the Shed Boss App, and get a fixed visual depiction of exactly what colours would work for you – not to mention cut down on heat gain and power bills.

It will be done right for the long-term

The temptation is always there to build a shed yourself. After all, what could be greater than the satisfaction of having created your very own storage space or barn? However, you can run the risk of damage, personal danger and also having a structure that doesn't last as long as you would like it to.

By working with Shed Boss Fleurieu, you'll get a hassle free complete project experience.  As a builder, we know exactly how to create a sturdy custom designed shed that suits exactly what you need, and will continue to perform its function for a long time into the future.

This saves you money on future repairs and fixing of errors, and our teams can check up on your structure from time to time – it's almost too easy!

Cut the commute

Another popular use for our products is as commercial sheds. This means setting up shop within your custom designed shed, whether it's an office for many people or simply a space for you to work from home. As the price of property rises and it gets harder to find housing in central areas near many work places, commutes get longer and more expensive.

By creating a space where you can work from home, the savings on petrol and car maintenance could really stack up in the long run.

You can do whatever you like with your land – but when it comes to saving money in the long-term, there are so many ways a custom designed shed would be ideal. Check out what you can do in the Shed Boss App!

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