How to halt your hoarding with a custom designed shed

We all know the classic hoarding problems. It can be clothing that never gets thrown out, a series of Encyclopaedia Britannica books that have been left unused for aeons or just general childhood toys that have remained in the home, out of use and collecting dust. When it can become a problem is when it starts cluttering up your custom designed shed – especially if you want to use that great construction for something else. In this piece, we'll take a look at how to stop the hoarding process before it gets out of hand and you find your custom workshop is just a piece of work for you to clean out.

Identify the issues

Before getting into this, it might be good to have a quick look at what hoarding actually is. Rather than simply someone who holds onto too many things, the Victorian Health Department notes that hoarding is actually a behavioural mental health condition. It is diagnosable and treatable, but is definitely something to be taken seriously – it is when someone is incapable of stopping their excessive collection of items.

While it may not sound like something to be too concerned about, remember that extensive clutter can be a safety hazard as well as pose a fire risk. While the treatment of the behaviour might not be fixed by a custom designed shed, extra storage solutions are something to consider for anyone who feels like they have too much clutter and not enough space for it.

Prevent the pests

If your custom designed shed is looking a bit overburdened, there may be a risk of vermin in and around your shed, which nobody wants. One way to preemptively curb this threat is by getting vermin flashing added to your shed. This is just one of the many features you can add in the Shed Boss App, available on the Android™ and Apple™ stores, as well as on our website.

This app lets you decide the exact dimensions of your shed, as well as add features like vermin flashing. This is an extra layer in the walls and concrete of your shed that can prevent critters from getting into your property – and a great way of protecting your goods.

If those goods are a serious case of over-cluttering though, there are other options to consider.

Divide and conquer

By creating specific spaces for your items, you can maintain an organised shed or garage, enabling you to stay on top of clutter and prevent it from becoming a problem. One way of doing this is by introducing internal walls to your custom designed workshop or shed. Also a service Shed Boss Fleurieu offers, this can mean clearly defined areas for furniture, books, and other items, that means you can get much more peace of mind about your possessions.

Adding shelves or stacking labelled boxes is another way of breaking down the organisation further!

While hoarding itself can be a serious issue, if there is a lot of clutter in the home that can't be given away, then a custom designed garage can offer a great solution for this. If you have the space on your land, think about designing your own construction in the Shed Boss App then coming to talk to us for a personalised proposal.

We'll talk to local councils for approvals, and make sure that your design is within regulations. As an experienced builder we have extensive knowledge of many local council regulations and how to make a shed work on your property, whether it's a slice of rural paradise or a dream home in the suburbs.

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