How to take care of your animals in a barn

Many popular uses for our custom designed sheds and barns involve animals of many breeds. There can be sheep for shearing, horses for stabling, or more general husbandry of all different types of livestock. Whenever animals are housed in a shed or barn, it is important to keep them safe and healthy and provide a good environment for them – here are some tips on doing so.

Keep up the maintenance

If you are housing livestock in your shed or barn in the long term, it is important to keep on top of your maintenance duties - especially loose nails, floorboards or sheets that emerge over time must be addressed to prevent injury to your stock.

Also make sure your latches are well-oiled and functioning on any gates.

Appropriate cover

The following is specific to horses, but could apply as common sense no matter what type of livestock you are keeping in your construction. The NSW Department of Primary Industries states animal housing must withstand weather and damage, and concrete floors should be padded with hay to avoid any problems from livestock standing on this surface.

The appropriate shelter doesn't just keep your animals happy, it will keep them healthy and more profitable in the long-term for your agricultural business.

Caring for the ill

Sometimes, adverse weather conditions can strike and your livestock can come down with illness. In these cases, the Victorian Department of Environment and Primary Industries recommends having a separate area for these animals to recover, where they can get easy access to food and water and are able to heal up nicely.

These are simple steps, but when you are using a customised barn for housing stock it is important to get those basics right, for better health and happiness in all involved.

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