How to throw a Christmas party in a barn

Shake things up this Christmas by ho-ho-hosting your annual party in your custom designed barn!

Whether an open rural shed, or an enclosed Stockman barn with multiple customisable doors, there are many things you can do to bump up the aesthetics of your barn to accommodate for the reds and greens of the festive season.

Here are some ideas to deck your place out and make the most of the large space inside your barn. It'll be so fancy that even big-bellied Santa won't be able to resist your chimney-less structure!

Deck the walls

Shed Boss barns are built strong and built right using Australia's most premium heavy galvanised steel. The materials are locally chosen due to their durability in South Australia's ever-changing climate.

Walls of steel means that your barn can be easily maintained, and also easily decorated. You'll be able to use adhesives on your steel structure to conveniently hang decorations to suit the theme of your party.

String up garlands of streamers to enchant guests during daytime. At night, they will be under the spell of fairy lights you've taped to the high roofs of your barn, an open canopy emulating the night sky. It'll be a multi-dimensional sea of stars for your guests to feast under.

Once your party is done, the stainless steel properties ensure that you'll be able to remove these decorations with no fuss. Just bear in mind to use a glue or tape that isn't permanent or require harsh chemicals to remove. Your local craft store should have plenty of affordable residue-free adhesives to choose from.

Another great thing about steel is that it's magnetic! You can DIY your own magnetic clips to hang pictures and banners, as well as the aforementioned streamers and lights.

By choosing to use magnetic clips, you can simply re-use and re-hang these decorations at a moment's notice – perfect for last-minute parties due to cancelled venue reservations. Your barn will be the most reliable local party setting there is!

Throw the fanciest party this festive season inside your spacious barn!

Throw the fanciest party this festive season inside your spacious barn!

'Snow' lack of space

Hosting a party in a barn means that you'll have oodles of space to work with.

Barns and rural sheds can come free of obstructive internal columns, and options include open or closed bays. The standard bay length of a rural shed is six metres, but can be easily customised to suit your needs.

An open space means that your guests are free to spill out into the open confines of your land during those hot summer nights. You'll be able to accommodate more guests, and can include fun but messy games like apple-bobbing without the restrictions of an inside-outside area. Say goodbye to stuffy parties with so many people under one roof!

With walled structures, you can choose customisable roller or sliding doors to install, which are perfect to mimic an open barn or to keep closed for a cosier, smaller party. You can even get automatic roller doors so that opening and closing your party off to the elements will be as simple as a push of a button.

Choosing your barn as your Christmas celebration venue allows for more events. Turn the centre table into the main feature by stacking it with festive foods. Line the walls with chairs and turn the space around the table into a standing social area.

The enormous space within your barn could also easily fit a drinks table with ice buckets galore to hold bottles of wine or fruity juices. The options are endless!

Shed Boss Barn 17.5Lx18Wx3H

You can invite as many people as you'd like to this year's party!

Breezy barns

Insulation is a cost-effective way to save up to 40 per cent in heating and cooling expenses

To maintain a cool, ideal temperature for socialising and eating, you can add many extra features to your barn such as whirlybirds – turbine vents that spin constantly to regulate interior temperature by removing warm air from the roof of your barn.

With a closed-wall barn, you can choose the best sides to install windows and doors to achieve optimum airflow within.

Insulation can keep your barn cooler in summer and warmer in winter. The Australian government states that insulation is a cost-effective way to save up to 40 per cent in heating and cooling expenses. It can also reduce the noise of your parties, so you don't annoy the neighbours with your festive celebrations.

Skylights can be installed in your roof to allow natural sunlight and heat in during the day, reducing your heating costs even more. At night, these skylights allow your guests a glimpse into the beautiful Australian skies as they dine on lavish foods during your memorable Christmas party.

At Shed Boss Fleurieu, we can help you to design the best barn to lower the impact of your carbon footprint. Plus, our buildings are compatible with solar panels, so you can keep your energy bills to a minimum.

Custom create Christmas

'Tis the season to be creative! Adorn your Christmas decorating hat to throw the best party of the season. With its high roof and large space, a barn is the perfect place to invite your guests for a festive gathering.

Get a free quote today to create your custom designed barn that'll be the talk of the party!

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